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7 Ways to Be Influential and Win Friends

There are many roles that friends can play in your life. They can stand by your side in difficult times, try to give you the best pieces of advice on how you can live your life to the fullest and more. However, the problem that most people face today is how they can earn friends. It isn’t difficult to do in any way as you could end up with a thousand and one friends after reading this post.

Are you searching for how to win friends that will impact your life in the most positive ways? Do you know that there are lots of roles that friends can play in your life to ensure that you are always at your best? The primary aim of this post is to reveal ways in which you can become influential and start attracting others to your life. The secrets that you are about to discover here have been used by others in the past to change their lives and become influential. There is no doubt that they will definitely have the same impact in your life once you are consistent in their application. There is a famous saying that you don’t beg to befriend with people. Instead, you can adjust your life to welcome them.

 1 Never Condemn Others

Have you ever condemned anyone in the past over something? Have you noticed that this person is no longer back? People will avoid you once they see that you are the kind who condemns and criticizes them. Try as much as you can to have the mentality that people are always prone to mistakes. That is to say, accept people as they are, and try to overlook their mistakes. Some people want to get closer to you and learn more about life. But when you are harsh on them, they start to look elsewhere for help.

 2 Addressing People By Their Names

Most people often talk about going to occasions and can’t find anyone they can make friends with. Before making any such complaint, it is essential to ask whether you usually address people by their names whenever you contact them. 100% of the trick is to ensure that you always ask of the names of people you meet. People will attract to you when you always address them by their names rather than titles that are general. This is especially very effective if you are dealing with someone of the opposite sex.

 3 Being Passionate

Passionate people are always happy, and others want to relate to them daily because they have a positive attitude towards the most challenging situations. Have you ever seen people come to those who are sad and depressed? It is impossible because they can’t learn anything from such persons. Just as negative emotions are contagious, positive ones also can be so. If you want people to wrap around, be passionate about life and also about the people around you. This kind of attitude and lifestyle makes someone want to be your friend. In a nutshell, try as much as you can to avoid the frowning face for now.

 4 Always Helping Others 

There are people around you that need help in one way or another; there is always something you can give out. They may need emotional, spiritual or even financial support. There is still a way you can help those persons. Once you can do this, they will not only be your friends, but they will start to see you as their hero. This is all about sacrificing something for the benefit of others. No one wants to have anything to do with a selfish person. It is one of the easiest ways that you can add value to someone’s life around you. It is magical and can bring lots of friends than you can imagine.

 5 Always Praise Others

God is the creator of the universe and loves to be praised. We humans also like praise. We always need it as it makes us feel good and productive. Instead of criticizing people all the time in your workplace, you can switch and start praising them. Even when you think they are doing something terrible, continue praising them, and you will see how they will love coming around you. Most people fail to recognize the fact that honoring others isn’t going to cost them anything. Just do it as much as you can to win lots of friends in your life today.

6  Admitting Your Wrongs

As a leader, you may tend not to admit that you have done something very wrong when it is very obvious that you haven’t done well. People don’t like leaders or anyone who never admits to being wrong in something. You need to start admitting as it makes others believe in you. If you are a leader and are guilty of this, expect to have fewer friends. It is a sign of humility and makes people come around you as they feel that there is always something they can learn. Be free with others and you will definitely see the effects as they will come around.

 7 Always Asking Questions

The question that arises is a way of giving people that are less than you in status the chance to really express themselves. Naturally, if you don’t ask questions, you give orders or directions. While it may seem easy to adopt, it is more likely to make people closer to you.

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