10 Harmful Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Your Brain and Body

We are in a world where people are always busy doing something or other. They are so busy that the last thing which comes to their mind is rest at night. There is no doubt that you are currently going through this or you lived such a life in the past. It could be that you are trying to meet a deadline or target which your boss has set for you in the office. Experts have recommended that humans need to rest at least 8 hours in the night.

Anything that makes you attempt to deprive your system of this number of sleep hours can do more harm than good. The primary aim of this post is to have you exposed to some of the most harmful effects that sleep deprivation can have on your brain and entire body. These are effects which can gradually destroy anyone who may want to engage in such an act. The principal goal here is to provide you with top reasons why you should start thinking of getting enough rest at the night.

 1 Poor Creativity

Have you ever experienced one of those situations whereby you are awake but aren’t as productive the way that you ought to? This is what lack of proper sleep in the night can do to your system. You will not be as sharp as you ought to. The brain needs rest for it to concentrate 100% and reason effectively. These can all be gotten through having enough sleep. It is having enough sleep that enables you to recall whatever you learn the other day effectively. In a nutshell, the more time you spend sleeping at night, the more likely your brain will appear, especially during the process of solving problems.

2 Poor Sex Drive

The problem of reduced sex drive is one of the issues that led to the breakdown of many families around the world. This is one ugly experience you may want to avoid if you indeed wish to have a happy home. According to experts, men and women that usually deprive themselves of sleep have low libido and not generally interested in sex-related issues.

Such could be as a result of sleepiness, depleted energy and also tension. Research which was carried out in 2002 revealed that men who are experiencing sleep apnea (something that is responsible for sleep interruption) have deficient testosterone levels.

 3 Lots of Abnormal Conditions

There are people all over the world experiencing one health challenge after another. They took different forms of medications and spent lots of money, but nothing seems to work. If you are amongst these people, there is one thing you need to understand today. It is the fact that the importance of sleep is something that should be overemphasized in your life.

Sleep deprivation exposes you to problems and diseases such as diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, heart failure, heart attack, and heart disease. It is discovered that more than 90% of insomniacs always suffer from another abnormal health condition.

 4 It Can Lead to Depression

You may be surprised to hear that there is a clear relationship between depression and lack of sleep, but this is the truth as experts have revealed. Depriving yourself of enough rest at night can make you feel very sad about life in general during the day. If you are the type who suffers from depression and start depriving yourself of sleep, your condition can worsen. It has been discovered that people who have insomnia always suffer from anxiety and depression. This is due to daily rhythm disorder.

 5 Poor Development of The Memory

One of the significant impacts of sleeping at night is that it will help ensure long-term memory consolidation. It can do this by strengthening some neural connections. There are many connections that your brain makes during the day which you aren’t aware recognize and not giving it a rest at night asks for much. Your sleeping time is when these connections get streamlined. It is the reason why after struggling to remember something during the day, it becomes easier to recall once you give yourself some rest.

 6 Increased Appetite

This is perhaps one of the most apparent effects of sleep deprivation which most people still struggle to understand. One major problem it can lead to is obesity. It has been discovered that anytime you don’t get enough rest especially at night, you tend to overeat. This makes you prone to an abnormal condition such as obesity. Your system at such a period will always be craving for food which isn’t supposed to be the solution.

 7 Skin Ageing  

Some people don’t like how their skins look like, especially in public. They go to look for the most effective cosmetic products which can improve their skins. Before you spend your hard earned money on such products, it is essential to check your sleep well. This is because it has been discovered that lack of sleep can make the skin to start aging too quickly. Anytime you fail to rest, there is always a stress hormone which is released called cortisol. Your collagen is disintegrated taking a young look that you would have had.

 8 Weak Immune System

You suffer easily from diseases when the immune system is fragile. This is because it can’t fight against such abnormal conditions as expected. Experts discovered that whenever you sleep, your immune system is built. There are lots of viruses, bacteria, and diseases hovering around the place and the only favor you can do yourself to ensure a healthy immune system is getting a lot of sleep.

 9 Poor Attention Span

Another strange effect of sleep deprivation on your brain is that your attention span on a poor subject matter. Your mind can’t focus well on what is being discussed at the meeting because it will interpret too many events which aren’t related to what is on the ground.

 10 Ineffective Central Nervous System

The central nervous system can be seen as the body’s information highway. In some, to function appropriately, enough sleep is needed. Your brain becomes exhausted when you deprive yourself of sleep. At such a point, many things can go wrong.

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