How Important Is Writing Skill in the 21st Century

The importance of this skill in the 21st century cannot be overemphasized. For instance, doctors require the ability to write so that they can prescribe drugs for patients and formulate reports, technicians write instructional materials for users, marketers use email likewise other platforms for advertisement, students write essays, dissertation, and term papers, students also study books written by different authors. It is needed for publications, articles, blog post among others. It is the act of using symbols to pass idea and thoughts in a way that can be read. Symbols can be alphabet, punctuation, space among others. An individual can decide to write for various reasons which could be for personal reasons or public use, for example, creating a script for movies like Disney movies, Marvel movies, etc. The public might be known or unknown which should be considered while forming readable sentences from words.

Benefits of writing skill in the 21st century

It has evolved over the centuries, but fortunately, it has not stopped. Some writers are intensely displeased with the situation which they find themselves, therefore, making it hard to see the bright side of this which was difficult in past centuries when technology was not developed. It is a means of putting ideas in other people mind. Putting alphabet together to form words has been for over 4000 years, but it has several functions than sharing information. Everyone has something they gain from improving this necessary ability.

  • It helps the mind just as exercise keeps your body in shape. It put in action different cognitive processes and makes you more creative. When the mind is in a good state, the brain will also be in a good state; this serves as a mean against mental illness like dementia. Excellent ability to write is an indication of clear thinking; a superb writer will communicate well and understanding things will be easy. Since the mind is in a healthy state, making a critical decision will be easier.

  • It is a means of improving our memory. Likewise, learning can be enhanced by putting words on paper just as school teacher tells their students to write essential things repeatedly.

  • In general, it has great importance especially in this era due to the influence of technology. People around the world communicate with each other through email, text, social media, blog entries, social media post and soon. We certainly need to communicate with each other. Also, it is required for communication.

  • In making business deals run smoothly, the good business proposal is essential which requires this skills. It is necessary for employees especially a journalist, reporter, collage artist and people in the public relations department. For an employee to write reports, script and make a lot of meaning, the employee needs an excellent skill so that their word will be organized and easily understood. You can also communicate using email, letter, and reports with other employees and the boss at workplaces and if this skill is weak, then there will be a barrier against effective communication resulting in the ineffective display of other skills. Employees who know how to write well are credible and reliable making them super useful and also open doors for their promotion.

Because of the importance of this skill, education should not only be about the course of study, but this skill should be incorporated into students’ curriculum to improve this to provide services when needed.

Demand for this skill in the 21st century

Writers are of great demand in this century because they act as a bridge between an organization and the public. Writer job prospects are not only limited to research, publishing, marketing, but it also involves creating articles like how to distribute resources in the most populated country. It is now needed in practically all societies, including industries because this is needed to create a viral social post, create sales, talking to stakeholders using reports and marketing strategies flowing. The writer has the privilege of becoming

  • Creative Writer.
  • Art Administrator.
  • Digital Copywriter.
  • Newspaper Journalist.
  • Magazine Journalist.
  • Editorial Assistant.
  • Article Writer.

As mentioned above, there are a lot of things that can be achieved from having excellent ability to write and making it a habit of writing even if one is not a professional will have a positive impact on one social life. Excellent ability to write makes an individual an accomplished person. It also improves mood and makes an individual happy because you will be able to live a satisfied life.

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