5 Tips for Moving to Hawaii

Ask anyone who has been to Hawaii on a vacation and chances are they fell in love with the island. Some vacationers don’t go home while some leave and come right back with plans to move. However, moving to Hawaii from the mainland is not an easy decision to make. It takes a lot of thought and considerations before deciding to move to the island.

If you’re planning to move to Hawaii to live there with your family or even to work, there are various tips you should keep in mind.

 Plan Ahead 

Moving to a new place poses unique challenges like finding the perfect place to live, getting a new job and shipping all your belongings. To ease up the work required before you move to Hawaii, consider where and how you will move. Create a spreadsheet detailing vital things like flights, housing costs, transportation costs, shipping of household goods, even your car. Yes, you can ship a car to Hawaii.

Every small detail matters when you’re moving to a new location. Know what you want to move and what to leave behind. Find as much information about the specific location you want to move to. Be sure to factor in the moving costs and have an emergency fund to keep you afloat once you move.

 Figure Out Where to Live 

Hawaii has a great tropical climate, amazing beaches and picturesque natural scenery that draws residents and tourists alike. If you’re planning to move here, you have to decide where to live. The biggest islands include Hawaii, Maui, and Oahu. Some of the best places to live in are Honolulu, Waipahu, Hilo, Kailua, and Kaneohe.

Each location has its own distinct personality with different things to offer. Depending on what type of lifestyle you want, you’ll need to look for a wonderful location that is peaceful with lots of recreational centers, shopping spaces, a good community and in a friendly neighborhood. Before you consider buying a home in Hawaii, consider renting first.

You might get a job on the other side of the island or opt to live somewhere else once you’ve moved. The housing market in Hawaii is pretty diverse but with high housing prices. In cities like Honolulu, the real estate market is ripe with popular neighborhoods with a selection of both middle-income and high-end residences.

 Sort Your Stuff Before Moving 

The number one rule when moving to a new place is to get everything there easily and affordable. Sort everything out for packing and only bring family heirlooms, must-have personal items, photographs, irreplaceable items and your important documents such as your birth certificates, passports, medical records, prescriptions, wills and deeds.

Consider hiring a moving company to handle the packing and moving logistics but ensure that you’re involved in the packing process. Get a few estimates and be sure to compare what different moving companies charge you. If your car is new or leased and you owe more than you could get by selling it, bring it with you. If you fully own your car and can replace it, consider selling it. If moving your car, make sure to select a reliable and reputable shipping company.

 Consult Your Vet Early 

If you have pets, it’s advisable to talk to your vet early enough. Rabies tests often take a minimum of three months, and applications to the State of Hawaii take around a month. You have to choose a vet before moving so you can have your pet examined once you arrive before it’s released to you.

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 Job Hunting and Researching Schools 

Job hunting will most likely take a while, so start searching early before you move. Job opportunities are not as many like in the mainland. When searching for schools, you’ll want to talk to administrators, teachers directly and most importantly parents of different schools to get a sense of the culture of the school to be sure it’s in line with your expectations and beliefs.


Hawaii isn’t the mainland where things move much faster. Things here work a bit differently and at a slower pace. Once you move in, start embracing your new life and be involved in community engagements to adjust faster.


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