Top 10 Secrets About India

India, the eastern country, has a large film industry represented in “Bollywood” which is a feature of great treasures. However, the most unknown matter is that it is one of the countries that deemed to have the strangest secrets. Out of revealing India’s top secrets, we offer you this list of its top ten secrets.

10 The Nine Unknown Men

The Nine Unknown Men of India are like the Illuminati of the Western world, yet even more insidious and puzzling. The legend says that this effective secret society was established by Emperor Ashoka in 273 BC following a bloody fight that took lives of about 100,000 men. The Nine Unknown Men aimed at preserving and expanding the kind of secret information that would be too unsafe in the hands of the inexperienced.

9 The Great Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is the most well-known building in India. It seems to be one of the modern wonders of the world; this elaborate white marble building was founded by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan as a burial chamber to his dead wife. Some reports refer that Taj Mahal was never the architectural incarnation of everlasting love. However, some proof refer that the building is in fact about 300 years older than its claimed to be.

8 The Magnetic Hill Of Ladakh

In the area of Ladakh near the Himalayas, a weird hill exists that is believed to be magnetic. In case you park your car on the highway that leads to the summit of the hill and depart it in neutral, it will turn up the sharp road by its own accord, moving at speed up to 20 kilometers per hour. This wonderful natural phenomenon is called a “Himalayan wonder” and is a well-liked magnetism for the travelers of the region.

7 The Immortal Beings Of The Himalayas

In many legends, mountains are normal homes to divine. The Himalayas are the worldwide mightiest mountain range, it is a cause to experience whisperings of strange beings unseen in the valleys of the mountains. One famous legend among the practitioners of a variety of New Age soul-searching methods is Gyanganj. It is believed to be a very old Indian and Tibetan story of a city-kingdom of weird immortal beings that are fleeing the world.

6 The Cursed Village Of Kuldhara

For more than 500 years, the village of Kuldhara was inhabited by about 1,500 people. One night, they all vanished. The grounds for their unexpected evacuation are lost in time. Actually, Some told that they escaped the excise of cruel rulers, while others rumored a tale of young lovers and the girl annoyed her father who was a large priest at the village.

5 The Bhootbilli

The Bhootbilli is an unexplained monster that was threatening some parts of India, mainly in the region of Pune. It is an odd cryptid that shows up to be between a cat, a dog and a mongoose. This creature is blamed for murdering livestock and terrifying the locals. In addition, the creature is overweight with a long tail, in black color, has a face of a dog and back of a mongoose. It can jump long, have at least once bounded in a tree to flee from people who have attempted to grasp it.

4 Shanti Devi

Shanti Devi was born in a pleased Delhi family in 1930s. Yet, she didn’t keep on being happy for long. When aged four, she began persisting that her mother and father were not her exact parents. She states that her name was in fact Ludgi and her accurate family lived in a totally different city. Moreover, she claimed she had passed away giving birth to a child and granted very exact information on her husband and family life.

3 The Kongka La Pass UFO Base

The Kongka La Pass in Ladakh is one of the slightest easy way to get to places in the world. The area is relatively a no man’s land. Some say that UFOs have selected the area as their subversive base.

2 Kottayam, Iddukki

The southern areas of Kottayam and Idukki of Kerala experienced a strange phenomenon in September 23, 2001 when the rain was strangely red hinted. Colored rainfall in Kerala took place in 1986, and the most current of which took place in June of 2012.

1 Bengal Swamps

Aleya lights or marsh phantom lights are mysterious ghost lights sayings in the marshes of West Bengal characteristically by local fishermen. These lights are reported to puzzle fishermen leading to misplace their bearing. It may cause sinking if one begins to follow these lights and walk over the marshes. Numerous bodies have washed onto land on these marshes that locals said that it is because to Aleya lights.

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