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Guide on How to Move, Copy, or Delete Pages in Adobe Reader

PDF is the type of documents we all are familiar with. It is a very convenient format with extensive functionality. If you want not only to view PDF documents but to also work on them, for example, to move/copy individual pages, delete, or replace some pages, you should first download adobe pdf reader for pc and continue reading our guide. This information will boost your Adobe experience, and you will look at PDF documents differently.

How can you move/copy pages in a PDF document?

If you want to either copy or move some pages within your PDF document, you should use page thumbnails, which are available in the “Navigation” pane or the “Document” area.

Moving/copying a page within a PDF document, using page thumbnails

  1. Start with launching Adobe Acrobat and open your PDF document.
  2. Press “Tools” > “Organize Pages.”
  3. Now you can see the “Organize Pages” toolset in the secondary toolbar. All page thumbnails are located in the “Document” area.
  4. You should choose one or several page thumbnails:
  • If you want to move a PDF page, you must drag the page number box of the corresponding page thumbnail to the desired location. You will see a bar appeared, which shows your new position of the page thumbnail. The pages get renumbered automatically.
  • If you want to copy a PDF page, you must ctrl-drag the page thumbnail to the desired location.

Copying a page between two PDF documents, using page thumbnails

  1. As usual, you must open both PDF documents. Make sure they are displayed side by side. To do this press “Window” > “Tile” > “Vertically.”
  2. Refer to the “Page Thumbnails” panels for two PDF documents by clicking the “Page Thumbnails” button, which can be found in the left navigation pane.
  3. You must drag the page thumbnail into the panel of the target PDF document. Your page has been copied into the target document, and all the pages got renumbered automatically.

How can you remove/replace pages in your PDF document?

It is possible to replace a whole page in your PDF document with another page. However, you can replace only the text and images. Such elements as links or bookmarks will not be affected. As for the comments, they will be carried over and combined with already existing comments in your PDF document. Once you have deleted/replaced some pages, we recommend you to use the “Reduce File Size” command. You should rename the restructured PDF document and save to small file size.

Deleting PDF pages, using the “Delete” command

Before we give you the instructions to follow, note that you can’t undo the “Delete” command.

  1. Press “Tools” > “Organize Pages.”
  2. Now you can see displayed “Organize Pages” toolset in the secondary toolbar.
  3. You must specify the range of PDf pages you plan to delete.
  4. Select either “Even Pages,” “Odd Pages,” “Landscape Pages,” “Portrait Pages,” or “All Pages.”
  5. Press the Delete Pages” icon which looks like a garbage bin and confirms your action by pressing “OK.”
  6. Note that it is not possible to delete all pages. Keep at least one page in the PDF document.

Deleting PDF pages, using the page thumbnails

  1. Press “Tools” > “Organize Pages” to activate the toolset in the secondary toolbar.
  2. Choose a PDF page thumbnail which has to be deleted and press the icon.
  3. Alternatively, you can use the left-side navigation pane and click the “Page Thumbnails” button.


Once you get familiar with PDF, you get access to many advantages provided with this excellent file format. A PDF displays the same content/layout on all operating systems/devices/software applications. You can easily integrate different types of content like text, images, videos, vector graphics, animations, 3D models, hyperlinks, etc. You can combine these elements within the same PDF document, or organize them as a report/presentation/portfolio. So, do not stick just to view PDF files. Deepen your knowledge and continue to polish your skills working with PDF and Adobe Reader program.

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