Top Benefits of Bristle Dart Board

Professional darts players prefer bristle dartboards over any other type of dartboard. Bristle dartboards are known for their durability and longevity. They comprise compressed sisal fibers which come from a Mexican sisal plant; they are special fibers that can sustain plenty of dart hits without getting too damaged. You will find bristle dartboards used in darts tournaments and anywhere else where serious darts players get together to play darts games.

Aside from the sisal bristle dartboard, there are also hemp bristle dartboards too. This is another plant-based fiber which is known to be just as good as sisal. It doesn’t really matter which type of bristle dartboard you choose because both will work great for your darts games. However, sisal bristle dartboards seem to be the most popular of the two.

To learn about all the benefits of a bristle dartboard, below is a list of the top five benefits.

1 Durability

Bristle dartboards are the most durable dartboards available. What makes them special is how their fibers can repair themselves after they’ve been punctured with those sharp-tipped darts. For instance, when you pull a dart out of the surface of a dartboard, the hole will not stay there for very long. The fibers will come together and close the hole right after you pull out the dart. This is something you will not see happen with other dartboards made of rubber or paper. Therefore, the bristle dartboard lasts for a long time.

2 Lightweight

If you were to purchase an electronic dartboard, it would weight a lot. This would make it difficult to hang on the wall or transport to other locations. As for bristle dartboards, they are typically around 10 pounds and are easy to move or hang on the wall. You can hold the entire dartboard up with just one nail in a solid wall. Some dartboards even have special hangers or hooks on their top.

3 Rotating Numbers

The numbered ring of the bristle dartboard can be rotated due to the composite materials in which the edging is made from. These recycled plastic materials make it easy to rotate the ring. You should do this every couple of weeks as you continue to use the board. This will make the games more challenging as it forces players to get used to a different point system for the numbered segments.

4 Inexpensive

Bristle dartboards are not as much money as you might think. The price range of bristle dartboards is between $20 and $120. The more expensive ones just come with more accessories like a cabinet and dart holders. However, you can still purchase a $20 bristle dartboard and still enjoy the same great benefits. Most of them will even come with at least 4 to 6 darts for up to 2 players to use.

5 Thinner Wireframe

Many dartboards have a problem when it comes to glare. The metallic wireframe on the surface of dartboards tends to be too thick, causing glare from the shining light within the environment. This glare can disturb a player’s aim as they throw their darts at the dartboard. Fortunately, most bristle dartboards are constructed with thinner wireframes on the front. In fact, you should find a 50% reduction in the size of the wireframes in comparison with other dartboards, such as electronic dartboards.

Another benefit of this game, rather than upcoming games, is better accuracy. When players throw their darts at the bristle dartboard, there is a lesser chance of the dart hitting the wireframe and bouncing onto the floor. Instead, the player is more likely to strike a hit in the segment and score more points.

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