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Top 10 Safest Methods to Speed Up Your Metabolism

Metabolism is the second digestion your body makes after your stomach, it is the process of assimilating food. If you are not implementing this process effectively your body will not make a good use of the food you eat. The reason behind bad metabolism is the bad habit you have not paid attention for. In order to increase it effectiveness, just follow the steps in the following list.

10 Muscles

Increasing building muscles makes your body burn more calories from the food you eat just for the sake of keeping these muscles in shape. It does not only make you look good and attractive, but helps your body to use up the most of its reserves.

9 Exercise

Now you will ask about the need for this, you already have your muscles. You are right, but you forget that making muscles focus on specific parts of your body and  you often care to get only the shape you want. Exercising, however allows the whole body to get into the action process, and this could be as simple as jogging on a daily basis.

8 Water

Our bodies are made up of 70% water. If it were not for the loss of energy, we could have lived off water actually. Still, it is a well-known fact that people who drink much water get the best out of their meals as water helps your body to metabolize effectively.

 7 Milk

Another drink that is helpful for metabolism is milk. It is found that the more milk you consume a day, the more your metabolism increases. Yogurt has the same effect as drinking milk, both reduces the fat in your body significantly.

6 Fruit Snacks

Potato chips and coca is the usual snack for many people. Because of the rapid routine we face everyday, we do not have much time to plan our food right. This could be as harmful for your body as smoking. And this useless snack is one step in the way of body deterioration. You can replace chips with an apple or a banana or whatever the fruit might be.

5 Get Hungry

One important aid to raise your metabolism is to eat only when you are hungry. Not just that, you have to be about to starve. The body in this state does whatever it takes to burn more fat, that is why you may notice a feeling of energy creeps your veins.

4 Dine Protein

Protein, no matter where it comes from, costs your body extra calories just to be digested and consumed. It is recommended, thus, to eat meat and fish frequently in addition to chicken, eggs, cheese, and legumes.

3 Coffee

Many coffee lovers report suffering from increased heart rate and high blood pressure after drinking coffee. This is absolutely right when you drink it frequently during the day. Coffee, however, is not that bad when kept to moderate. One cup helps you to focus and increases your metabolism and energy as well.

2 Green Tea

The king of all beverages. The benefits of green tea are numerous, with less caffeine 4 cups of this tea promise you an energetic day. No wonder why that it is the favorite drink for one of the fittest nations on earth, the Japanese. Your daily share of green tea burns the same amount of calories you would burn in an hour of exercise.

1 Avoid Small Meals

People fall in the trap of eating very few amounts of food and hoping that this will help them lose weight or get their bodies to burn more. However, this is not the case. When you do this, your body tends to be lazy in digesting and assimilating food and you gain weight instead!

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