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Top 10 USA Highest Rated Financial Planning Companies

Financial planning is not something that we can do on our own. To go for the best investments, we need to seek the assistance of professional service providers. However, all the financial planning companies are not in a position to provide the desired service to you, and you need to be careful to select the most reputed firms out of them. Here is a list of top ten best rated financial planning companies that you can see in the United States. If you are looking for professional assistance, you can select any out of these enterprises.

10 BlackRock

BlackRock is one of the biggest investment companies that you can find in the United States. It was established in 1988 and has been able to maintain a solid reputation by giving priority towards customer satisfaction. BlackRock has a clear understanding of the interconnectedness that can be found in global economy. As a result, it provides an array of alternative investments for the clients. This can assist the investors to minimize the risk and conveniently increase their returns.

9 BNY Mellon

BNY Mellon is the longest running financial planning company in the world. It was established back in 1784. It offers wealth management, investment, and many other financial planning related services. This is a company that provides services along with innovation. It has invested in new applications, which can be used for capital market growth. Moreover, the tools produced by BNY Mellon are in a position to assist people to take part in investments with enhanced success. The Nexen Digital Ecosystem is a perfect example to prove how innovative this company is.

8 Capital Group

Capital Group, which was established back in 1931 has been able to provide a decent reputation by offering expert investment services to people in need. It uses rigorous research, high-conviction portfolios, and individual accountability to provide financial planning related services for the people in need. The success driven approach followed by Capital Group has made it a popular financial planning company in the industry as well. In fact, Capital Group uses a long-term perspective to end up with success.

7 Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Investments has been able to offer financial planning related services to people for more than seven decades. It has been able to become one of the largest financial firms in today’s world as well. Fidelity Investments follows its standard when offering services for the clients in need. The company also works along with a sense of compassion, integrity, responsibility, and expertise. Apart from personal investing, Fidelity Investments also offers institutional asset management and institutional investing related services.

6 J.P. Morgan Asset Management

J.P. Morgan Asset Management is one of the largest and well-known financial planning companies in the world. Out of the financial planning related services offered by J.P. Morgan Asset Management, smart retirement plans have received much attention. Also, J.P. Morgan Asset Management offers a variety of tax-advantaged investing services for clients. No other financial planning company could do this.

5 Legal & General Investment Management America

Legal & General Investment Management America is one of the leading financial planning companies in the world. The United States branch of this company is in Chicago. It offers liability-driven investment, active fixed income and index strategies for the interested people in the United States. Financial strength, high-quality products, high-performing culture and positive client experience, are some of the most prominent reasons behind the popularity of Legal & General Investment Management America. Also, Legal & General Investment Management America provides education on the latest trends in financial planning to their clients.


PIMCO is one of the highly respected investment firms in the world. It offers almost all the services that other leading financial planning companies offer. The process followed by PIMCO has been refined and honed through several decades. It offers economic and market trends for the people who are interested in managing their finances. Also, projections for the next five years would be provided to help people keep the peace of mind with their investments. PIMCOfollows a top-down approach when helping their clients with financial planning needs.

3 Prudential Financial

Prudential Financial is one of the most known companies that you can find in the world. The company has got a strategic investment research group. They are responsible for delivering expert services to all individuals who are searching for financial planning related services. Some of the most prominent services offered by the strategic investment research group include an investment manager survey, pot election active management performance and weekly market review.

2 Vanguard

Vanguard is one of the best investment companies available for beginners. That’s because it offers goal-centric investment services for all people in need. Vanguard is also providing a variety of investment opportunities and strategies. However, all the financial planning services delivered by Vanguard are based on shared themes. Vanguard strongly believes that the investment goals should be attainable and measurable. As a result, the company doesn’t depend only on outsized savings or returns. Goal centric investing services offered by Vanguard are paired along with practicality to provide a smoother experience to all their clients.

1 State Street Global Advisors

This is another large-scale investment and financial planning services that can be found out there in the world. It offers investment services to a diverse client base.  Among the financial planning services offered by State Street Global Advisors, responsible innovation has received much attention. This can deliver better outcomes and add more value to the customers. The company is backed up by strong leadership as well, and it can inspire employees.

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