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How to Stay Healthy in a Polluted Neighborhood

Pollution is real. The rising level of oceans, decreasing ice caps in the extreme poles, and rising air pollution levels can affect more aspects of our lives than we can imagine. We can only blame ourselves as the human race for the cause of this pollution. In the pursuit of development and capital, factories were set up, and forests were cleared to cater to the needs of the population boom. Pollution has a significant impact on cities and urban centers. The residents are always at substantial risk of diseases due to pollution. Doctors suggest frequent check-ups for any irritation in breathing. In case of emergency and queries related to the services provided by the pharmacy or hospitals, getting expert help is advisable and the right way. With that said, however, several other steps can help you cope with air pollution and avoid the risk related to it. Below is a list of some tips and tricks that you can adopt.

1 Indoor Games and Workout

To stay healthy, physical exertion of all sorts is the best. It keeps one healthy. Exercise and sports help in removing toxins from the body and trains the body for challenging conditions. Training and workouts increase the rate of breathing to provide more oxygen to the muscles. However, experts suggest clean and fresh air for activity. Working out in polluted air does more harm than benefit. Therefore, the best solution to work out in polluted cities is to exercise indoors. Indoors work out can be fun too. They burn the same number of calories as outdoor exercises. Running on a treadmill is more comfortable. There are also many indoor games like tennis and badminton that you can play indoors. It will keep you healthy and train your muscles the same way as outdoor sports. Moreover, it will shield you from the harmful effects of pollution.

2 Wearing a Mask

Had you read this article before the pandemic, you would have laughed at the idea of wearing a mask. Thanks to Corona, wearing a mask has become the new normal. A mask can indeed help fight Corona and keep you safe. However, masks can also do a host of other essential things. It blocks the harmful particles in the air from entering your respiratory system. Thus it helps in shielding you from air pollution. Besides that, masks are also a new fashion. Trendy designs and innovative patterns in masks are selling like hotcakes. Don’t trust me? Visit any clothing website, and you will find an exclusive section of masks on most of them.

3 House Ventilation

To stay healthy, a flow of fresh air is mandatory. Constant airflow allows for fresh air to enter. It removes the odors and smells from the house too. High doors are one solution to airflow. It is the main entry for the air. However, installing windows also helps immensely. You might think that keeping windows and doors open is an open invitation for polluted air to enter. Read the next heading to get a better idea. If you do not want to keep your windows open for privacy or other concerns, installing ventilators above the doors and windows is the best way. It is widespread in many Asian countries to install ventilators above the doors and windows.

4 Bug Net for Doors and Window Screens

Keeping doors and windows open allows for fresh air to enter. While this is healthy in many ways, in a polluted neighborhood or city, it can cause problems. Do not worry, however. We have got you covered with a straightforward solution. Bug nets, door, and window screens are convenient equipment. They are screens or covers that you can install at any door or window. They are lightweight and straightforward to install. They are made of mesh or light cloth. Window and door screens are very good at blocking the insects and pollutants in the air. They remain outside. So you can keep your house ventilated without any concern for the insects and polluted air.

5 Growing a Garden or Planting a Tree

Pollution is the greatest threat to the security of the next generation. The global air pollution levels in urban centers rose by 8 %, increasing every day. The leading cause of this pollution in the urban areas is the reduced green spaces and belts. It is easy to whine about the prevailing situation. However, becoming part of the solution is more advisable. We can become part of the solution by planting trees or growing a lawn in the backyard. It can improve the aesthetics of your home. Moreover, the trees and plants can provide fresh oxygen for people. Two mature and grown trees can cater to the annual oxygen needs of four persons.

Staying healthy is key to a happy life. City life is already complicated. Pollutions make it harder. We can follow to steps above to keep healthy and fit. It is a concept of inter-generation equity in philosophy to leave a better world for the next generation. Let us join hands and play our part in improving the world for the better.

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