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Top 40 Best Influencer Marketing Platforms in 2022

To Enhance Your Campaigns

There is no doubt that influencer marketing has gained lots of popularity in recent times compared to some years back. In today’s world, it is proving to be the perfect marketing strategy for companies looking to gain a better online presence. Of course, paid ads can achieve such a feat. However, they seem to be getting more and more expensive as the months and years go by. This is why many companies are beginning to explore the option of using the best influencer marketing platforms in their ad strategies.

Besides getting more customers/clients, influencer marketing also has other benefits. These could be increasing brand credibility and trust, boosting a company’s search engine position, boosting sales, and helping to drive purchase decisions. Of course, there is something you need to understand, though. This is the fact that all of these benefits can only be experienced once you are using the best influencer marketplace.

The primary aim of this article is to reveal some of the best influencer marketing platforms on the internet in 2022. Believe it or not, these are capable of helping to boost your campaigns. Check them out below. You will find the right group of influencers who can make your business appear very competitive.

1 UpFluence – Influencer Marketing Platform

Upfluence is one of the best around when it comes to influencer marketing platforms that can deliver and help meet your business goals. With its highly sophisticated tools, you can easily find the right influencers who will be a perfect fit for your project. Besides that, numerous tracking tools can help you track campaigns effectively. This is possible through its analytics which is highly advanced and sophisticated. Every client has its own dedicated manager.

upfluence one of Best Influencer Marketing Platforms
Upfluence is one of the best around when it comes to influencer marketing platforms that can deliver and help meet your business goals.

2 Tap Influence

Given the achievements and contributions of Tap Influence towards the popularity and growth of influencer marketers on the internet, there is no doubt that it deserves to be mentioned among the best. There are even those who believe it is the best influencer marketing platform around. There are lots of things you can do on this website. These could be content creation, payments, or campaign proposals. Campaign metrics can be analyzed based on conversions, views, and media value.

It is worthy of note to point out that you can also check for click fraud. Also, it supports google analytics. This is an advanced influencer marketing software that you need to check out.

Tap Influence as one of Best Influencer Marketing Platforms
There are lots of things you can do on this website.

3 “Tagger” Influencer Marketing Platform

Tagger has built a solid reputation over the years by helping companies and brands achieve their goals. Have you been looking for influencers but can’t find anyone that will fit your project perfectly? Do you know that there is a better and easier way of looking for these professionals? This is what Tagger is all about. It makes the entire process of looking for professional influencers easy.

There are integrated payment options, messaging, and contracts. Its campaign planning, as well as management features, are amongst the very best you will find in the industry. Apart from tracking, it is easy to analyze your audience regarding their affinities and interest.

Tagger as another one of best influencer marketing platforms
Tagger has built a solid reputation over the years by helping companies and brands achieve their goals.

4 Onalytica

The influencer profiles you will have access to here are numerous. This is due to the huge database that Onalytica has made available for people over the years. It is probably the best influencer marketplace when it comes to search capabilities. Getting awareness as well as engagement is not an easy task.

This is because you need the right influencers that can make such happen. It takes time and requires a high level of skills to get going. There is no need to worry because Onalytica has got you covered. It is perfect, especially when you are running B2B campaigns.

Onalytica a great Influencer Marketing Platform
It is probably the best influencer marketplace when it comes to search capabilities.

5 Klear

Klear is one of the few platforms that had already existed before social media influence came into existence. Back then, it was helping Twitter subscribers to get data on their followers. However, it has been a full-time influencer marketing platform over the years.

It has advanced and sophisticated filters that help you search for some of the best influencer marketers. Also, it has an in-built CRM system to enable you to maintain the right relationship with influencers.

6 Intellifluence

You will find different categories of influencers on this platform. Even if you are looking for celebrities with lots of followers, Intellifluence has got you covered. The database of contacts that you will get access to here is verified. Therefore, you can rest assured that they exist. Although this platform doesn’t offer any free trial, it remains one of the best. People have confirmed experiencing a massive boost in their engagements after subscribing to its services.

Influencer Marketing Platform

7 Influencity

The first thing you will notice about Influencity is that it is super easy and intuitive. Even if you are starting out in the world of influencer marketing, you could get going within a few minutes. One central area where it has shown great strength is having to analyze influencers most accurately.

With such, marketers can easily tweak their strategies while working with influencers of their choice. For instance, it gives access to followers’ fake detention, the influencers’ interests, and their KPIs. You will find this platform very helpful.

Influencer Marketing Platform


When it comes to delivering brand affiliations that are considered 100% authentic, MARKERLY is the right place to register. It enables you to connect with influencers of your choice via the clicks of a few buttons. The best part about this platform is that you will have the chance to meet passionate influencers promoting your brand through proper engagement. It is perfect, especially for large businesses. Please remember that the platform is a little bit technical to use.

It enables you to connect with influencers of your choice via the clicks of a few buttons.

9 Afluencer

This is the opposite of the above platform that has been explained. The reason is that its interface is straightforward to use. For example, you could get started within a few minutes without any IT skills or knowledge. Its free plan is quite generous given the features that it tends to offer. It is perfect for brands or businesses delving into the whole influencer marketing stuff. The engagement here is quite high too. The only problem is that the influencers you will find here aren’t many.

10 Fourstarzz Media

Do you run a small or medium-sized business? If that is the case, then Fourstarzz Media is your best influencer marketing platform. You will get access to thousands of influencers. It also gives you access to high engagements that most influencer platforms can’t offer. The best thing about this platform is how it takes time to provide a comprehensive report about influencers. These could be information based on audience details, follower quality ratings, and others.

Fourstarzz Media
Fourstarzz Media

11 Heepsy

This influencer marketing platform is excellent. It has been able to help different categories of businesses to become very competitive. So are you looking for how to have an influencer campaign for your launcher? There is no need to search any further because Heepsy is the right place that can help. There are lots of macro and micro-influencers to get you started on this.

The platform is very easy to use as you won’t find any problem locating influencers that can greatly help you. Imagine having access to over 11 million influencers from various parts of the world.


12 HypeAuditor

Since coming into existence in 2017, HypeAuditor has managed to gain popularity. Back then, fake followers, as well as engagement auditors, were what it was working as. Launching its marketplace where influencers can be found wasn’t difficult since the company already had a unique database.

It doesn’t matter the market or business you are doing, as there is always an influencer here that can help out. Please note that influencers can’t be contacted through the platform as others above. Choose your plan carefully.


13 Neoreach

The macro influencers here are around 3 million. It will amaze you that most of the top brands, such as Walmart, Amazon, Bet, and others, use influencers from this platform. Unfortunately, its search filters are well over 40. This gives you the chance to have your searches narrowed down. Its campaign management and analytics features are also excellent. The only snag is that it is not ideal if your brand is small. In other words, it isn’t a great option if your target is to contact micro-influencers.

Neoreach Influencer Marketing Platform
This gives you the chance to have your searches narrowed down.

14 Trend Hero

Trend Hero is another platform that is worth mentioning amongst the very best. It has a feature that helps in detecting fake comments, likes, and followers. It can also carry out other analytics in the most accurate manner. This platform has been built with some of the most advanced technologies. Therefore, you will be getting what you are paying for. Apart from being easy to use, its database contains more than 90 million influencers. You will be spoilt with plenty of options.

Trend Hero Influencer Marketing Platform
Trend Hero Influencer Marketing Platform

15 MightyScout

This tool offers 24/7 real-time tracking of influencers. This will enable you to know whether or not your campaigns are working as expected. It has engagement and profit calculators. A resource library is also perfect for your content creation, analytics, and social listening. To get started, you can take advantage of its 30 days trial offer.

16 Ambassador

This isn’t just the best influencer marketing platform, according to most marketers on the internet. Also, it runs one of the best referral programs online. It gives you a rare chance to connect easily with influencers and affiliates. Whether running a small, medium, or large business, this is the right platform to contact influencers.

Some of its benefits are that payments can be made via various methods. However, it is also possible to know the best-performing influencers. Apart from that, all of your influencers can be managed from a single dashboard.

17 Cision

With more than 1.4 million influencers waiting to be contacted, there is no doubt that Cision isn’t your common or average influencer platform. Instead, it gives you comprehensive details about influencers. This helps you to craft the right messages without any guesswork. These could be information about their demographics and niches. Please note that apart from being quite expensive, it doesn’t have any free version.

18 Grape Vine

Finding experts to help you create content for your business can be difficult, especially on social media platforms. This is because there are millions of content creators to choose from, which makes your job quite complicated. This is where you will need an influencer platform like Grapevine. Such is precisely what it does. With this platform, it is easy to build, measure and scale influencer programs. On-going campaigns enable you to have engagements tracked. The same can also be said of views and click-throughs from YouTube.

19 Fohr

With Fohr, one thing is clear. This is the fact that almost all of your influencer campaigns will be automated for the best results. You will be amazed by what this platform has got to offer. Could it be why most business people refer to it as the best influencer marketplace? For instance, you can search for influencers based on their interest, the number of followers, and locations. The best part is that there are 100,000 influencers you can choose from.


There is no doubt that IZEA has made a name for itself amongst other influencer platforms on the internet. It just keeps waxing stronger by the day. Apart from its platinum services, it has free plans enabling you to test out its offers. Once you have started seeing some tangible results, you can then scale things up. You will find different influencers that cover various social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.

21 Webfluential

Webfluential has been one of the top influencer marketing platforms. Apart from having reputable influencers, it tends to provide real-time analytics about them. One of the reasons why it is highly recommended is that you will be free from influencers with fake profiles. This is because the Webfluential team has done a great job in filtering out such individuals.

22 Scrunch

With more than 20 million influencers on its database, you can bet that Scrunch is one of the biggest platforms. It is competitive, active, and reliable to meet your expectations without compromise. It has partnered with some reputable brands over the years like GQ, Subway, vogue, and RedBull. Its search features are accurate and can help you find the best influencers. Also, the features of its free plan are very generous compared to what most platforms offer.

23 PitchBox

PitchBox is not only an influencer marketing platform. It is also a place where you can find SEO service providers such as Ahrefs, SEMRush, and Moz. It has earned numerous online reviews since coming into existence. Please note that you will need some time to master its platform and explore its beautiful features.

24 Julius

Julius is another top influencer marketplace that is worth mentioning in this article. Apart from coming with more than 50 search filters, they are quite accurate in terms of the results you will get. If you are planning to run or manage an agency, this is the right platform that can help. Its influencers are more than 100,000 at the moment. You can find them based on location, interests/niches, and more.

25 Activate

This influencer platform is quite different, given that you will come across veteran influencers, celebrities and models. The best part is that there are lots of popular brands using its platform right now, like Walmart, H&M, and Apartment Therapy. These are signs that it is one of the best and has earned lots of applause from companies and individuals. One of the best features you will find here is the casting deck. This help creates a pitch deck for any influencer on its platform.

26 Open Influence

This is an award-winning influencer marketing platform that you should trust when it comes to helping brands grow and become competitive. On this website, influencers are being matched with brands. Eric Dahan, its owner, has come up with something creative here. Influencers are invited to register and state their areas of interest. They will later be matched with brands in such fields.

27 Buzzoole

With what Buzzoole has got to offer, it is quite simple to say that the influencer marketing process has been simplified. Probably you have found a content creator but don’t know how to dig in to find out more information about such influencers. Buzzoole will help to make such a process very simple. It is a very easy-to-use platform as everything can be managed from one dashboard.


Are you searching for micro-influencers? Do you know that very few influencer platforms can help out like TRIBE in such regards? You will find lots of influencers that are capable of giving your brand more awareness and engagement. Its database of influencers is small, though, compared to most options explained above.

29 Popular Pays

If you have got a business that depends on content creation, Popular Pays is the best influencer marketing platform for you. This is because how its features can address such needs without hassle. It is a website that works or partners with influencers and content creators. This platform has proven that modern advertising has gone far beyond paid ads. Today, it is all about leveraging the opinion and credibility of influencers to change the world.

Whether you are looking for micro-influencers or celebrity influencers, Popular Pays will meet your needs. It is also possible for major metrics to be tracked.


It is always difficult to get the best engagements from Instagram since the competition amongst brands and companies is high. This is what TAKUMI is all about. It exists to help you get the best results from such campaigns. It will assist in finding top influencers that have a high number of followers. You won’t be doing any hard work as there are community managers who can check all the content for quality.


31 Grin

Grin gives you so much for very little. It is perfect, especially if you have an eCommerce business that needs promotion. Apart from being able to interact easily with your influencers, it is super easy to integrate your favorite software with this influencer platform. These could be Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, PayPal, SMS, Slack, office365, and many more. Regarding features, it is safe to conclude that this is probably the best influencer marketplace.

32 CreatorIQ

This is one end-to-end interface that has been quite efficient over the years in helping businesses grow and become more competitive. It is perfect for established companies and agencies that want to be heard in the online community. Some of its clients are Dell, Unilever, Tifanny & Co, and Disney. In 2019, it won an award (Martech) as the best influencer marketing platform.

CreatorIQ gives you the chance to build a marketplace of your own. In this case, influencers can then check out what your company is all about. It is indeed an exciting platform.

33 #Paid

This influencer marketing platform is quite unique once compared to others on this post. For instance, whitelisted ads are allowed. Also, it gives you access to Facebook ads manager straight from your own account. You will also get a “hand raise” from this platform. This makes influencers who are interested in your project come around. Creators will then apply to state reasons they can handle your project.

34 Refersion

Refersion is not just any influencer marketing platform. This is because you will also get access to affiliate marketing services. However, it is mainly existing to help firms and companies that are searching for influencer marketers who can boost their campaigns. Since 2015, it has also been helping companies manage their affiliate marketing networks. These include tracking transactions and enabling payouts.

35 AspireIQ

The first thing you will notice about AspireIQ is the fact that it is complete in terms of features and functionalities. It allows you to find influencer marketers that can grow your business. It is also possible to manage their payments on such a platform. It is based on having a community built around your brand.


This isn’t a platform that is meant for self-servicing. In other words, it is more like an influencer marketing agency. All you have to do is contact the company, and they will handle your project as expected. They use micro-influencers to get your jobs done. It is not a platform that connects you with various influencers but still remains one of the best around.

37 ExpertVoice

ExpertVoice gives you the chance to benefit from product experts. You will have experts who usually recommend different products regularly. For instance, a health and fitness expert will work with companies that manufacture health-related products. Therefore, ExpertVoice is a place whereby experts have to interact with various brands. They will recommend your products to people within your niche.

38 Mavrck


Mavrck isn’t the conventional or normal influencer marketing platform you are used to. For instance, it is a platform for referral marketing and loyalty promotions. It can also allow you to link up with passionate brand advocates.

39 Tidal Labs

With what Tidal Labs offers, you will find it easier to manage your influencer workflow without hassle. This is because it helps in building, managing, and scaling your influencer programs. It is perfect for enterprises and large businesses. This software is quite robust and sophisticated. For instance, it is easy to filter out influencers based on your area of interest. There are customizable communication templates that can enable you to build a solid relationship with influencers.

40 Carro

The truth is that Carro is much better than you are thinking as an influencer marketing platform. The fact that it is managed by Shopify means there is a high chance you can easily find what you’re looking for without hassle. For instance, you will get to contact influencers who are already on your subscriber list.

Do you have a Shopify store, marketing agency, eCommerce store, or something else? This is the best influencer marketplace to sign up with. It can take your business to another level entirely.

Final thoughts

These are the best influencer marketing platforms you can sign up with today. Some have got free trial offers to test out their services. On the other hand, some don’t have any free trial. Ensure you are making a smart decision.

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