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Top 10 Biggest Trash Companies in the United States

There are lots of waste management companies in the US at the moment. Trying to choose amongst them can be pretty daunting. This is why we have decided to put this article together. Topteny magazine‘s goal is to reveal some of the most reputable trash companies in the US. Read the details and choose the one that is most ideal for your needs.

1 Rubicon Global

Rubicon Global is probably the best trash company among others in the United States. This is a company that is focused on developing software for waste recycling and management. It partners with its customers to find how they can reduce their waste. Its mission has always been to bring waste to an end. This company is currently valued at a whopping $ 2 billion.

Since coming into existence in 2008, it has left an indelible impression on customers through innovative technologies that can bring about waste management. A simple way to look at this company is that it is a platform (software) specialized in developing smart waste and recycling solutions for both businesses and governments. You can learn more about what it represents on its social media account.

Rubicon Global
This is a company that is focused on developing software for waste recycling and management.

2 Waste Management

Waste Management has been around since 1968. It operates in Houston, Texas, and has been known to be one of North America’s biggest waste management companies. Some of its services include industrial wastewater treatment, hazardous waste disposal, recycling consultancy & collection, and small business dumpster rental.

There is something unique about this company because it has invested lots of funds into waste management technologies over the years compared to most companies. In 2020, it was reported to have earned over $ 15 billion.

Waste Management
Waste Management has invested lots of funds into waste management technologies over the years compared to most companies.

3 Covanta Holding Corporation

Covanta Holding Corporation is a waste management company that operates in New Jersey. Since being founded in 1986, it has rendered top services related to waste management. This is why it is generating millions of dollars every year in revenue. It has the required technologies to help in the conversion of waste into renewable electricity.

The mission of this company is to ensure that waste is managed correctly. In other words, waste will no longer be wasted. Some of its areas of specialization are energy recovery, solid waste management, energy-from-waste, sustainable solutions & utilities, and electricity generation. This company recycles 6,000 tons of metal. You will find out more about its operations on Twitter.

Covanta Holding Corporation company
Covanta Holding Corporation is a waste management company that operates in New Jersey.

4 Republic Services

There is no doubt that Republic Services has built a solid reputation for effective waste management in the US. Too many people in areas like Phoenix, Arizona, the best trash company. Disputing such a fact will be difficult given that it was reported to have generated more than 10 billion in 2020. It renders environmental service solutions that are 100% reliable and responsible.

Some of its services include recycling, waste disposal, energy services, waste transfer, and non-hazardous and solid waste collection. You can learn more on Pinterest about its services.

5 Junk King

Junk King is another company worth mentioning amongst some of the best around. When it comes to debris removal in California, very few companies can compete with this one favorably. Apart from offering services related to residential waste collection, it also specializes in waste recycling.

Even if you want to eliminate heavy trash or bulky items, Junk King is still the best option to explore. It is a registered and certified company guaranteed to meet your needs without compromise. With more than 15 years of experience, you can tell that it is the real deal. For more details about its services, check out its Instagram account.

6 Clean Harbors

Clean Harbors deserves to be called the best trash company due to its premium services for residential and commercial property owners. Since coming into existence in 1980, it has grown from strength to strength while rendering environmental and industrial services. In addition, Clean Harbors has rendered services related to hazardous waste disposal. It has also worked with numerous fortune 500 companies in the past.

Clean Harbors also provides services related to environmental cleanup. It also specializes in rendering specialty and industrial services such as chemical plants, pigging & decoking, material processing, pulp & paper mills, and more. In 2020, it was reported to have generated more than 3 billion dollars in revenue. Its Facebook page will tell you more.

7 Advanced Disposal Services

Advanced Disposal Services is a waste management company that came into existence in 2000. Suppose there is one thing that this company has managed to do over the years, such as come up with innovative ways to manage waste effectively. Some of its services are residential waste collection, commercial waste services, roll-off containers, recycling facilities & particular waste, municipal solid waste landfills, and transfer stations.

From the above, you can easily conclude that this is the best trash company around because of how it provides comprehensive and detailed waste management services.

8 Waste Connections

Waste Connections is a company that also operates in Canada. Over the years, it has managed to work with top companies in US and Canada for proper waste management. Some services it renders are recycling, disposal, transfer, and waste collection. Please note that these are mainly related to solid waste.

Its mission has been evident since commencing operation in 1997. This contributes to ensuring a cleaner and sustainable environment. Its ever-active Facebook page says it all.

9 Recology

Recology was formerly called Norcal Waste Systems. It has been existing since 1920 and has its headquarters in San Francisco. This company is into the collection and processing of municipal solid waste. It is also specialized in reclaiming reusable waste materials. Nothing but the best of services is expected from one of the oldest waste management companies in the US and the world. The good part is that Recology hasn’t failed to deliver.

It is one of the first companies to buy into the idea of reclaiming reusable waste materials for the idea of sustainability. This is probably why it recovers more than a 500million pounds of recyclables yearly. Do you want to know the best part? It is a fact that this company keeps on looking for new innovative ways through which recyclables can be collected from various sources. It has a team of experts that deliver organic products of various types. You will discover more of what it can offer on Facebook.

10 Waste Pro USA

Waste Pro is another excellent company worth talking about, given its achievements since coming into existence in 2001. Its primary mission has always been to provide the best waste management services to residential and commercial environments. Within the past two decades, it has met the expectations of its clients with some exceptional services.

It is also important to underline that this company has contributed significantly to sustainability over the years. Apart from generating over $700million, it has more than 2000 employees. This is a reputable and trusted trash company whose Twitter account can verify such.

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