Top 10 Open Source Platforms to Help Automate Workflow

Using the help of software to automate your increasing workflow can be a lifesaver.  You might be shocked by the amount of time that can be saved by using just one of these platforms to alleviate some of your workloads.

Here is a list of our top ten open source platforms that will help you automate your workflow.

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1 Integrify

This easy to use software utilizes a drag and drop editor.  It features a free model with a paid upgrade for businesses that need more customized options.  The bottom line with Integrify is that it is easy to use with a totally free knowledge guide included.

2 Flokzu

Flokzu will help you create visually appealing flow charts and workflows.  There is no need for coding experience to begin.  This option will focus on tasks and can connect with other apps that you might be using.  If you are stumped on how to begin, they provide a large library of templates that will help you get started.

3 GravityFlow

If you are currently using WordPress, GravityFlow might be the solution for you.  It is available as a plugin that will automatically import your workflow into your WordPress site.  If you even have beginner knowledge of WordPress, you will be able to create custom workflows.  If you have a developer on staff or if you can code, you can create even more customizations.  There are plenty of other extensions that you can use with this as well.

4 ProcessMaker

This can help identify bottlenecks in your business.  If you are selling on Amazon, this can work in connection with other software as an Amazon connect that can help automate the workflow that comes from orders and other tasks associated with your Amazon account.

5 TrackVia

This is a cloud-based solution that provides workflow visualizations.  This works best between your warehouse facility and manufacturing processes.  They even feature several integrations with apps you might already use.

6 FastFlow

This platform is specifically built for the medical field.  It helps with document sharing around hospitals and medical facilities that will reduce the risk of human error.  It will get the documents securely in front of the right people at the right time.

7 Zapier

This is a marketer’s dream.  It will connect a variety of the apps you already use for marketing and let you build workflows surrounding them.  It is incredibly easy to use and offers free plans with a premium upgrade option.

8 Comindware Tracker

This is perfect for e-commerce businesses that need help with automation.  Comindware does require a little more work than some of the other options. However, it does have excel look and feel that make the onboarding process simpler.

9 Kissflow

Kissflow is another great option for e-commerce that features powerful user reporting and metrics.  You can also set permissions for different user levels.

10 Process Director

This intuitive option will even make suggestions based on historical timeline data.  You can set up notifications to keep every key player up to date on the status of your projects.


Even though some tasks will need a human touch, the majority can be mapped out to help you save time and money.

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