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Top 10 Most Famous Women In The History Of The World

No one can deny the great role that women played over the past centuries. They stood side by side with man and were able to prove to the whole world that they shouldn’t be marginalized. They are not only housewives but they can also occupy leading positions in our societies. This would not harm the masculinity of man but would strengthen him and create a world that promotes the values of democracy and equality. They can cook, clean and take after children. Likewise they can be doctors, teachers and thinkers. We should believe in the necessity for gender role to vanish. They should not be treated as if they are peripheral players. They can work, earn money and provide for their children. They can also vote and have a role in shaping the history of their nations. The 25th of January was a great example that proved to the Egyptian people and the whole world that women have a great role in society and can make achievements that history will remember for years to come. But we should recognize the fact that it is not easy for women to achieve these goals. They have a long way to go given the obstacles that exist in male-dominated societies. I am sure that they can overcome these hurdles and even prove that they are better than man. Here, you will find some examples of successful women who were able to achieve their goals and become a role model for all women.

10    Hatshepsut

She is a successful Egyptian woman who ruled Egypt for a long time. She ruled for 21 years during which she was able to achieve progress in Egypt for years to come. She was able to promote trade after it was hit hard by the Hyksos.

9   lady Diana

she is a British woman who was born in 1961. Her fame came from the fact that she is a woman who can feel the suffering of other people. Her charity work will be remembered by history. She died in an accident but the whole world will not forget her.

8   Cleopatra

She is the one of the pharaohs that existed in Egypt. She is a great symbol for beauty. She managed to make Egypt one of the leading powers at that time. Although she ruled Egypt for a short period, she was able to make a vast expansion.

7   Mother Teresa

She played a great role in combating poverty in India. She donated much money to charitable institutions like the Missionaries of Charity. She received the Nobel Prize thanks to her charitable work. So she deserves to be one of the icons of the 20th century.

6   Quean Boudica

She ruled after the death of her husband. She was a tough woman and a source of fear for the Romans. She revolted against them. She made real contributions for the British empire.

5  Mari Curie

She wanted to occupy an extraordinary job at that time she wanted to be a physicist. She wanted to defy the rules. She was the first woman at that time that was able to get two Nobel Prizes. She helped her husband and they were able to achieve a great success in the field of chemistry.

4   Queen Victoria

She ruled the British Empire for 63 years. She even managed to rule some parts of Africa. Her empire was known among people as the empire on which the sun never sets. She was a peaceful ruler and she provided much money for the parties that existed at the time.

3   Florence Nightingale

She is one of the leading figures in the field of nursing. She was the best example for a good nurse. She taught other nurses all over the world about how to deal with patients and showed the real compassion towards the sick people. She played an important role during the Crimean War.

2  Rosa Parks

She was an African-American woman who struggled hard to defend civil rights. She played a great role to eliminate discrimination between the black and white people. She stood firm against apartheid. She received honor for her great work.

1   Emmeline Pankhurst

She formed many suffragette movements and was able get support of many people for her cause. She suffered imprisonment and torture during her struggle. She wanted to prove that women can occupy male-dominated positions. She was able at the end to make women members of parliament.

These are some examples of great women who were able to defy all obstacles and prove to themselves and the whole world that are part and parcel of any community.

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