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Top 10 Most Expensive Pets in The Whole World

We think that our animals do not cost too much. But, these animals can cost thousands or it can cost millions! There are animals that have broken records in the price of what people paid for. All of us or most of us love the animals. For instance, cats and dogs are very cute. In this list, there are 10 of the most high-priced animals in the world.

10 TOUCAN – $5,000 TO $10,000:

Toucan is one of the most expensive animals in the world. It has different types. This bird has a unique shape; as its feathers are generally black with white patches, yellow and scarlet and the legs of a toucan are short and strong. So, its high price is the result of its unique shape.

9 DE BRAZZA’S MONKEY – $7,000 TO $10,000:

It is known as a swamp monkey. This kind of monkeys is very cute, so if you want to buy it, it will make you so happy. It has a unique talent which is the ability of hiding, so, it is very hard to be found. These animals live in small groups. The specie has gray agouti fur with reddish brown back, black limbs and tail and a white rump.

8 HYACINTH MACAW- $14,000:

This bird is one of the most expensive Macaw bird and it is the largest flying parrot among the birds. It has a powerful beak that helps it to eat all types of seeds and any other nuts. Because of the popularity of this bird, the number of the Hyacinth Macaw is reduced.

7 PALM COCKATOO – $16,000:

The palm Cockatoo is known for its dark colors: black or smoky grey and the red spot on its head. It has a lot of marvelous characteristics such as: elegant, gentle souls, sweet of nature and docile, so it will be a great fun to buy this bird. These birds have large beaks, and they are referred to as the Black Palm.

6 STAG BEETLE – $89,000:

It is a very weird and rare creature. It is known for its red and blood-like curling mandibles and antlers overhanging from its black head so it has a strange shape. This kind of insects is attracted by light sources at night. The most amazing about these insects is the mandibles of the male that are reserved for male-to-male combat when it comes a time to woo a female Stag Beetle.

5 WHITE LION CUBS – $138,000:

This kind of lions is one of the most expensive pets in the world. This is because it is  very rare animal. This kind of lions is white because of a recession of DNA. This type differs from other animals only in the color of its coat. But the other features are the same like any other lion.


One couple cannot stand the death of their beloved yellow Labrador, so they paid a fortune for bringing it back. Edgar and Nina Otto spent $155,000 for their beloved dog, named Sir Lancelot. “I would’ve gone higher, I would have done anything at that point.” said Mrs Otto.


3 TIBETAN MASTIFF – $582,000:

This kind of dogs has broken the record of the most expensive pets in the world. This is because it is sold to a Chinese millionaire for $582,000, so it is a very expensive dog. One asks himself, if this man who bought the dog with this high price, what about the house that he lives in.

2 MISSY – $1,200,000:

Missy is a white cow which is sold for $1.2 million. It is the most expensive cow in the world. Its very high-price is the result of its unique breed. It was crowned the majestic champion in the Western Fall National Show.

1 GREEN MONKEY – $16,000,000:

Green Monkey is the most expensive animal in the world. It is an American Thoroughbred racehorse. This horse was bought by Demi O’Byrne at the Calder Race Course while it was still a2-year old. So, if you want to buy this horse,  you must be a millionaire.

So, animals make our life more interesting.

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