Top 10 Green Peas – Health in a shell!

You may recall many instances when your plate had only leftover peas in it, which you never wanted to eat! Peas have always remained the powerhouse of nutrients, but due to some reasons, kids don’t like to eat these green colored veggie packed in a shell. As kids, we tend to avoid eating many healthy foods, but as adults, we keep on looking for new choices to be added to our health regime. Green peas are one amongst the most popular health foods due to their nutritional value, easy availability, and versatile nature. Peas can be added to just any dish without altering the entire flavor of the dish, but still enhancing the overall appeal. If the taste, texture, and versatile nature of these spherical seeds are not attracting you much, then here are few more health reasons to have them.

1 Keep you younger

Age is just a number, and you will agree with this if you are regular pea eater. Peas keep you young and active. It contains vitamin C and vitamin E required for youthful glow on your skin. The anti-oxidant rich peas have anti-inflammatory properties induced by phytonutrients like pisomosides and pisumsaponins. Inflammation leads to problems like cancer, heart disease, aging, and diabetes. Peas keep inflammation away and hence curb aging as well.

2 Say no to constipation

Suffering from constipation? Green peas will help. The fiber content in peas is very high and good for bowel health. Due to good fiber content, peas also make the process of digestion faster.

3 Prevent stomach cancer

These small seeds can prevent problem as big as stomach cancer too. Coumestrol present in peas is protective polyphenol known for cancer prevention. Add peas to your meal as a side dish to make it health packed.

4 Improve vision

Green peas contain vitamin A, carotenes, lutein, and zeaxanthin that are known for improving eye-sight. The mucous membranes and eye health are maintained because of these flavonoids. Green peas can be added to salads, soups, and snacks in raw, semi-cooked, or cooked form to add extra health to these dishes.

5 Perfect immunity booster

Strong immunity means better protection against internal and external factors affecting your health. Minerals like calcium, iron, zinc, manganese, copper, etc. present in green peas are great immunity boosters. At the same time, green peas are rich in vitamin C that is natural immunity booster too. Green peas can be added to kids’ meal for better immunity levels.

6 Effective weight management

Weight management has become the key concern across the world. Most of the legumes and beans contain as much protein and nutrients as we find in green peas, but green peas contain fewer calories compared to the other health foods. Weight watchers benefit by including green peas in their diet compared to other protein-rich food options due to the low-calorie content. This is a perfect food for weight watchers.

7 Arthritis and osteoporosis

Arthritis and osteoporosis result from calcium deficiency and aging. Bones undergo wear and tear due to aging, inflammation, and lack of nutrition. Anti-oxidants and phytonutrients in green peas may check aging and inflammation. Vitamins, minerals, and calcium-rich green peas would also keep bones and joints healthy. Regular green peas consumption can make your bones healthy. Check Turmeric Curcumin Shop to know more.

8 Alzheimer’s disease

Apart from maintaining your bone health, green peas would also control the neurological damage. Vitamin K is found in sufficient quantity in garden peas. More vitamin K in your diet would limit the damage to brain cells and prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Increasing the green peas consumption may also serve as damage control measure for patients in the initial stage of Alzheimer’s disease.

9 Folates for pregnancy

Folic acid is required in good quantity during pregnancy for healthy growth of the fetus. Folic acid ensures your fetus adequate brain health. Green peas have folates that are essential for DNA synthesis. Expectant mothers can get folic acid naturally by consuming a good quantity of green peas during their pregnancy period.

10 Good source of protein

Pea protein is a natural protein that aids cell regeneration. People indulged in active lifestyle or workout routine may require an adequate amount of protein to prevent muscle damage. Pea protein is easy to digest and can be absorbed well for instant results.

Green peas are available all over the world. They are easy to preserve. Frozen peas are also healthy and can be used in all seasons. They are cheap and loaded with health properties too. Those looking for affordable but healthy food can resort to green peas. All you have to do is remove the shell and freeze the pea seeds plastic bag. Make sure you grab your stock of green peas in season and freeze them for future use to have convenient meal option ready to be cooked and plated at all times.

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Karishma as a professional article writer has always believed in sharing the information about natural health remedies. She has been studying various natural supplements and their applications. Her articles shared on IshaPur Turmeric Curcumin are also based on the naturally found turmeric and its benefits on individual health.

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