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Top 10 Best & Most Accurate Bathroom Scales

Everything around us is developed to be smart thanks to the technology that we have. Different smart items make it easy for us to quickly and accurately get what we want without exerting a huge effort, spending a long time or wasting more money. We hold smartphones in our hands, drive smart cars, use smart appliances in our homes and we can also take care of our health through using smart bathroom scales that allow us to use technology for tracking our weight, heart rate, BMI, body fat and more unlike the traditional bathroom scales that we have in our homes. There are many features that you have to consider when you purchase a bathroom scale such as accuracy, effectiveness, the ability to connect your smart scale to your tablet or smartphone, the number of measuring functions which are offered such as presenting information about bones mass, water weight and body fat, showing readings for BMI and weight and the ability to store data for a number of people through the included memory.

The design of the bathroom scale is also important as you have to look for the scale that has a large display area, backlight and large numbers to be able to see them easily while you are standing, slim profile to be easily carried and it should also be catchy in its color. You have to bear in mind that those transparent scales which are made of clear plastic or glass are more elegant and do not visually consume a large space which makes them perfect for you if you have a small bathroom. All of these features are important, but you have to look for the scale that can be easily used, satisfies your needs and allows you to track the progress that you achieve.

10. Withings WiFi Body Scale WS-30

Withings WiFi Body Scale WS-30
Withings WiFi Body Scale WS-30.

It is slim, made of tempered glass, has a large backlit display and offers you an online account which allows you to access your historical data including your BMI and weight at anytime via your smartphone or tablet. The scale’s memory is enough for storing data for up to 8 persons. It is compatible with Apple devices only as it can be connected to your iPad, iPod or iPhone and can be used with several apps which are about 50 apps and are powered by Withings Health Cloud. The scale is available in two different colors which are black and glossy white.

9. Escali BFBW200 Scale

Escali BFBW200 Scale
Escali BFBW200 Scale.

This scale is not wireless and does not connect to your smartphone or tablet, however it is accurate, features BIA technology and measures your weight, total body water and body fat percentages. It is appropriate for measuring anyone up to 440 pounds, has a large platform and small display, offers measurements in kilograms, pounds and stones, stores data for up to 10 persons, is made of transparent and strong tempered glass which makes it ideal for small bathrooms and it has a unique and catchy design with its round shape.

8. Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale

Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale
Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale

It is unique in its design and has thin frame, large display and four feet for accurate reading. It has the ability to connect to the Wi-Fi, can automatically record and sync your information to your personal Fibit account that can be accessed via your computer or Android and Apple devices, it displays your recorded historical data which makes it easy for you to track your progress and it can measure your BMI, weight and body fat percentage. The scale’s memory is enough for up to 8 persons and your name is displayed before the appearance of your information that includes your weight, BMI and body fat. Aria is available in two colors which are white and black.

7. iHealth HS3 Wireless Scale

iHealth HS3 Wireless Scale
iHealth HS3 Wireless Scale.

It features Bluetooth technology which allows you to connect the scale to your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone and requires setting up the wireless connection between your smartphone and the scale before standing on it for the first time and after changing batteries. The digital scale requires the iHealth MyVitals app that can be downloaded for free and you can easily access the iHealth cloud service where your historical data is stored. The scale is made of tempered glass, can measure any person who weighs more than 20 pounds and it also stores data which includes weight and BMI for more than one person.

6. Withings Smart Body Analyzer

Withings Smart Body Analyzer
Withings Smart Body Analyzer

It is a wireless scale that uses Bluetooth technology. This digital scale measures your weight, body fat, BMI and heart rate and it also shows you the air quality around you in your home including the temperature and CO2 levels. This scale offers you a free personal online account that turns your data into graphs and charts to easily track your progress. The scale is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android smartphones and tablets. It can store data for up to 8 persons and it features a large display which makes it easy for you to read your information.

5. EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale w/ 400 lb 

EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale w 400 lb .
EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale w 400 lb

It is accurate, features BIA technology, measures bone mass and the percentages of muscle mass, total body water and body weight once you stand on it with your bare feet. Before standing on the scale, you will need to enter your personal information that includes your age, height, gender, weight and activity level. By entering your information, the scale will be able to remember you as it can store data for up to 8 users. The scale features a slim profile, white backlight and a 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen display. You will not be able to connect this scale to your tablet or smartphone.

4. Wahoo Balance Smartphone 

Wahoo Balance Smartphone
Wahoo Balance Smartphone .

It features Bluetooth technology, allows you to measure your BMI, your weight and sync your data to your iPhone, iPad or iPod to be converted into graphs and charts. This scale is flexible as it is compatible with a large number of fitness products and training apps which are about 110 apps including Monitor My weight, iBody, Tactio Health and more to allow you to choose the app that you want. The Wahoo Balance Smartphone Scale has the ability to store data for up to 16 persons with the ability to choose the way of displaying information for each person.

3. Omron HBF-516B 

Omron HBF-516B
Omron HBF-516B .

It measures different components in your body including body weight, body fat percentage, visceral fat, resting metabolism, skeletal muscle, body age and BMI or Body Mass Index. The scale features BIA technology and comes in two parts which are the scale in addition to the display unit that is connected by a cord to the scale and can be held in the hand to easily read your measurements while you are standing. The scale’s memory is enough for up to 4 persons and can store data for 180 days for each user. The scale does not have a touchscreen and cannot be connected to your computer or your smartphone.

2. Tanita Body Comp Monitor BC-1000 

Tanita Body Comp Monitor BC-1000
Tanita Body Comp Monitor BC-1000 .

The Tanita BC-1000 Composition Monitor is a wireless scale that features a touchscreen monitor, can be connected to your iPad, iPhone or any other Apple device and it is compatible with Vista, Windows and a few models of Garmin Forerunner watch. It can measure 9 different components of your body including your weight, total body water percentage, metabolic age, bone mass, muscle mass, physic rating, visceral fat, daily caloric intake and body fat percentage. The scale has a capacity of 440 pounds, measures weight increments of 0.2 pounds and body fat increments of 0.1%.

1. iHealth HS5 Wireless Body Analysis 

iHealth HS5 Wireless Body Analysis
iHealth HS5 Wireless Body Analysis.

It weighs 3.3 pounds and has the ability to measure 9 components in your body including visceral fat, body fat, body water, body weight, BMI, daily caloric intake (DCI), bone mass, lean mass and muscle mass. The scale features 4 electronic sensors which are placed where you rest the heels and pads of your feet, small display which makes it difficult for you to easily read the information while you are standing, MyVitals app, cloud storage to back up your data and it is compatible with Android and Apple devices. The scale has the ability to measure persons from 11 pounds to 330 pounds (5-150 kg).

Such smart bathroom scales can encourage you to start the journey of losing weight and getting a healthy body

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