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Top 10 Easiest Tricks That Can Help You Quit Smoking Today

According to experts, smoking can cause lots of abnormal conditions that can deprive your system of functioning effectively. These could be erectile dysfunction, Type 2 diabetes, Ectopic Pregnancy, Hip Fractures, Colorectal Cancer, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fertility Issues, and Gum Disease. There are lots of people searching for ways on how to quit smoking more than ever before given all of these side effects. Are you one of such persons? Do you know that quitting smoking isn’t as difficult as most people are making it sound? With some useful tricks like the ones that will be discussed below and commitment on your part, you can live a normal life once again. The tips below have been efficient when it comes to helping people quit smoking.

 1 Give yourself a strong reason

One of the reasons why people find it very difficult to quit smoking is that they can’t seem to find any strong and justified reason to stop. As a result, after some time, they will begin to smoke again. Your reasons need to be strong enough as they will be the motivating factor to help you finally quit. It could be that you don’t want to suffer the above health implications. Whenever the urge to smoke comes, you can start thinking about the reasons you’ve identified for wanting to quit.

 2 Fixing a date 

Don’t ever make the mistake of wanting to quit smoking at any given point in time. This could be smoking forever without any limitations. Ensure that there is a particular time which has been set aside when you must have stopped smoking. It shouldn’t be too long or short. Just ensure that it is realistic enough to help you stop this habit for good. There are lots of people who usually have a problem fixing the date they should quit smoking. This will help you have a set goal or target at the back of your mind.

 3 Don’t criticize yourself 

Have you ever fallen into the temptation of smoking while trying to quit? This can be very frustrating. However, the trick here is not to be too hard on yourself. You will not quit smoking on one attempt. It is only natural that at some point you will feel the urge and give in to it. The best thing to do anytime you fall for this is trying to commend your efforts. Don’t criticize yourself for you may not be able to overcome this urge permanently. Take record of how long you were able to resist the urge and commend your efforts. You will do better the next time.

 4 Doing other activities

There is always the strong urge to smoke once you plan to quit this habit. It will become worse once you are idle and aren’t doing anything. You should develop the habit of getting busy to resist such an urge. You may engage in activities such as taking a walk, mixing up with friends, drinking water, reading a book, practicing deep breathing and many others. You can even choose to have sex.

 5 Always Be Cheerful 

It has been discovered that lots of people develop the urge to smoke whenever they seem to be in a nasty mood. In such a case, they see cigarettes as the solution to feel at ease. If you are one of these people, then trying to be cheerful will help a lot. Always do things that will put you in a perfect mood. Avoid being in places that will make you feel sad as such can make you start smoking again. It is all about always being in the right frame of mind.

 6 Developing saving habit

Smokers aren’t good at saving money. Have you ever thought of how much you are spending on a daily basis smoking? If you can save this money, you will be amazed by what it can buy after 12 months. The trick is keeping all the money that would have been spent on cigarettes in a safe place. Just allow it to accumulate to make use of it after some time.

 7 Using Healthy Snack Food

This trick is straightforward and powerful that you can employ today to quit smoking once and for all. Carry snack food along to anywhere you’re going to eat whenever you feel the urge to smoke. Nuts are perfect for this. Anytime you feel like smoking, take about four nuts. Through this, you will be making use of both your mouth and hands which is going to give you the oral and physical sensations you were getting when smoking.

 8 Use of Herbal Tea

This has been discovered to be perfect when it comes to helping people get relieved of stress. If you usually smoke, for this reason, replacing it with the use of herbal tea will help you quit smoking faster than you can imagine. Just try to be consistent in its intake anytime you feel like smoking.

 9 Avoiding Smokers

Most people believe that you shouldn’t change friends you associate with while smoking. However, experts claimed that you would quit smoking much faster once you can stop mixing up with smokers. They will only make you see reasons why you have to continue smoking. You will begin to doubt your reasons for wanting to quit. This means going back on your words. You don’t have to do this rudely. Just a polite request that such persons shouldn’t come around you will do the magic.

 10 Seeking behavioural support 

There are times when you may find it very challenging to quit smoking. There is something you can still do which is seeking help from counseling professionals. These are experts that will inform you of steps to be taken to aid you in quitting smoking successfully. These experts become necessary once you become physically and emotionally dependent on smoking.

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