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Top 10 Best Bedroom Design Tips

You deserve to feel at home in your own bedroom. Is your bedroom keeping you up at night or preventing you from feeling refreshed each day? If so, you’re not alone. Too many people fail to create a bedroom space that really works for them, and this can get in the way of the important things in life.

When you’re decorating your own bedroom, you want to make sure it’s both personal and relaxing. Too much emphasis on style can distract you, and that means you’ll feel less rested and more stressed. On the other hand, too little style will feel cold and impersonal. Here are the top 10 bedroom design tips that will take your space to new heights.

1 Design Around Function

While the design is important, function comes first. That means you need the basics out of the way before you get started on your personal style. Do you have a nice place to sleep or a comfortable mattress to relax? Are your clothes organized and out of the way? If your space isn’t functional, it also isn’t stylish. Make sure you have these basics mastered before moving on to other steps.

2 Use Photos

Photos are one of the best ways to personalize your space. Think of a hotel room. These rooms can be comfortable and cozy, right? Yet, they’re still impersonal. That’s because they don’t have any personal photos. Use acrylic photo prints or even just small photo frames to show off your best pictures. These can be of people you love, places you’ve been, or even just your dog. Just make sure they matter to you.

3 Install Curtains

Curtains do more than just look great. They actually help you sleep better at night. Curtains can block out the sun if you decide to sleep in, and they also add a layer of privacy. If you’re still using the built-in blinds that came with your home, it’s time for an upgrade. Perfect curtains are sophisticated and show that your room is complete.

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4 Use Layered Bedding

Your bed is where you spend the most time if we’re being honest. You want to make sure it’s comfortable. What’s more comfortable than layered, gorgeous bedding? You don’t have to go out and spend hundreds on the perfect sheets, but you should go a bit beyond the basics. Make sure you have nice sheets, a comforter, and any extras that make you feel luxurious. You’ll feel like you’re lounging on a hotel bed every night.

5 Install Mood Lighting

Your built-in light fixture is naturally harsh. This can keep you up at night or hurt your eyes in the morning—ouch! Install different lighting options so you don’t have to rely on the biggest fixture just to see at night. If you’re savvy, install a dimmer to control the lighting with a single button. Otherwise, opt for smaller table lamps that you can use when you’re getting ready for bed.

6 Opt for Monochromatic

Are you too overwhelmed by color? If so, you’re not alone. Using too much color in a room might seem like the best way to add warmth, but it can actually have the opposite effect. You don’t want to feel overwhelmed when you step into your bedroom. Instead, stick with a monochromatic look. That doesn’t mean you need to go fully black and white, but it does mean choosing a light color that keeps the room bright and airy.

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7 Go Bold

Don’t be afraid to go a bit bold with your design. Even bright, cheerful rooms have some elements of bold fun. Whether that means including a dramatic wallpaper or a funky bedframe, make your own mark on your space. You can go as dramatic or as simple as you feel comfortable with.

8 Don’t Forget Textures

Good design isn’t flat. It’s multi-dimensional. That’s why you shouldn’t hold back when it comes to using a variety of textures. From wall paneling to your furniture and bedding, make sure your bedroom space doesn’t fall flat. Including a variety of textures will add a hint of glamour and luxury to your room that you didn’t know you needed.

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9 Storage Space

Remember how we talked about functionality? Go beyond this by making room for creative storage solutions. Where will you keep your out-of-season clothes? How will you store your growing shoe collection? These are questions to ask early on when choosing pieces for your space. The best storage options are hidden in plain sight like a vintage trunk that doubles as a seat or table. Look for furniture that works with your lifestyle, and that you can adapt to your needs all year round.

10 Deep Clean

Finally, the best way to make your bedroom design pop is to stay clean and organized. Functionality and storage are great first steps, but they won’t get you to design perfection if you can’t keep your bedroom clean. Clutter has shown to lead to stress and anxiety. If you’re bombarded with piles of clothes and layers of dust when you enter your bedroom every night, your mind will get a signal that the work isn’t done. Make sure you dedicate time every week to keeping your space neat and clean.

How do you plan to design your bedroom? You don’t need to hire a professional to add personality and life into your interior space. Your bedroom is one of the most vital parts of your house. How will you make it yours?

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