Top 10 Amazing Real Life Escape Room Games You Will Enjoy

Peeping out of Xbox Live you can find the real-life gaming scopes have enhanced way beyond expectations. Today new gaming ideas, prospects of team games, socializing games are making way to strengthen your social relations, team spirit and abilities to work symmetrically and in a disciplined approach within a team. In this respect real-life escape games have proficiently marked their spell, they are continually growing in demand. The urban lifestyle of people today has barred you from engaging in social interactions, building strong trust and sense of togetherness. These games play a vital role in triggering this lost social spirit through the puzzles designed within the game, which needs to be solved together, with patience, skilled problem-solving abilities, and attitude to come out of a locked room and its odd challenges.

It has been an emerging trend throughout the world for people of Call of Duty to engage in some real fun filled exciting games. The real-life escape room games are continuously gaining popularity. There are numerous houses which offer their extensive range of real-life escape room games. Here you will come across the top 10 most exciting and thrilling escape games which will entice you with excitement and fun. When it comes to real life escape games at Calgary, you can dig out the core of exciting challenges waiting for you. To unveil the exits of the locked doors, you need to get access to the keys which across through puzzles, challenges, through clues and solving mysteries. So if you are ready, you can try out the games which are based on:

  • Exclusively enticing and varied thematic scopes
  • A wide range of difficulty level out of which you can choose your play level
  • You can also choose to customize your game accordingly as per your group demands
  • You have the mastermind game masters watching your game, always there to make it all the more enticing and fun
  • The escape rooms and games services are of top class

Some of the games you must not miss while at Calgary include:

 The Lost Jewel of Zanzibar 

All you need to do is stimulate your logical impulses, work out your grey cells and streamline all the clues you can gather to find out the lost jewel. The challenge intensifies if within an hour if you fail to find and you are trapped there forever. For this game, you need to 2 to 8 players to enter the room and gather clues and work your way out.

 The Curse of the Evil Genie 

This is another game that you can play at Escape Hour. Completely thrilling, triggering your adrenaline to work exhaustingly so that you can take up the challenges of the evil genie. Every round becomes intensely difficult with more crude challenges. At least nine members are required to squeeze out the maximum fun out of the game.

 Cypherspace and Prohibition 

Cypherspace and Prohibition are the two new latest escape rooms which you need to check out if you are looking for the ultimate thrilling escape games for your friends’ group, family or even your office team. These are specially designed to suit a wide range of group and team types and designed specifically to boost your puzzle solving, clue solving and logical strings of your grey cells. Moreover, it is often recommended that you don’t try these games with a minimum team strength of two, since these stands to be popular for their difficult levels and challenges, starting from surviving the challenges in the Forest of Zanzibar to the evil clutches of the genie.

However, if you are excited to explore the realms of real escape room games in various places or rather the top 10 best picks around the world, here is the list of top 10 most amazing real-life escape room games.

 Top 10 best Pick of Real Life escape Room Games 

  1. Komnata Quest – New York
  2. CrossRoads Escape Games – Anaheim, Calif.
  3. Escape Room Insomnia DC – Washington
  4. 5 Wits – Mass. and N.Y.
  5. Escape Code – Branson, Mo.
  6. Enchambered – Sacramento
  7. 60 to Escape – Gurnee, Ill.
  8. Breakout Lawrence – Lawrence, Kan.
  9. 60OUT – Los Angeles
  10. Omescape – San Jose

These are some of the most exciting real-life escape room games across the world. Moreover, these have chosen to be the most popular games in their countries among enthusiasts. While you are on trips with friends, family, office colleagues’ etc. you can explore your team spirit, bonding and enhance your communication skills by taking out an hour to play these exciting fun-filled games. These are mostly a 60mins game, which tests not your knowledge or intelligence, but your problem solving and logical abilities. So all you need to is to be alert, look for clues, and apply logic in solving puzzles.

 Escape Hour 

A set of four thrilling games is what you have for you and your team at Escape Hour. A complete 1-hour game, uninterrupted fun where you need to stimulate your brain power to solve the riddles, puzzles, clues, and hints that you get your way to play the room and unlock it. The quintessential attractions here include:

  • Your team’s mettle is tested.
  • Innovative challenges in terms of puzzles, clues, horrific hurdles
  • You will need to stretch your minds to get out of the rooms
  • At least two members are required to play any of the games, but even then the strict hurdles are quite challenging to overcome.

At you get the ultimate scope to unravel the challenges of adventurers. While you play the role of an archaeologist or the captivated traveler, or you are a detective, you would absolutely love the challenges and thrills that come your way. Online bookings for the games saves your time for standing in the queue as well, and as you arrive Calgary, you can immediately check out the dark covens of mystery waiting for you.

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