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Top 10 Ways to Start Dressing With Confidence… [Believe In Yourself]

Many of us are striving to live each day with confidence, but most of the time we find it hard to achieve this feat decisively. While wearing famous and expensive brands might give us a momentary sense of satisfaction, real confidence is not simply about whether we are wearing the fashion of the day or the look we give. Real confidence is about accepting who we are and our uniqueness.

So, instead of hiding your true self behind clothes that are on trend but you don’t like, or trying to wear something that is not your style, make an effort to wear clothing that highlights your strengths and accentuates your best assets. For you to feel more confident about yourself by the way you dress, here are 10 ways you can employ to improve your sense of style.

10 Think of Your Shape and Highlight Its Strengths

One of the most important factors to dressing with confidence is knowing the shape of your body. Whether you are short or tall, pear or banana in shape, it is essential that you embrace your unique form for you to strut yourself with confidence. For example, if you have a curvier body figure, you need to think of something other than a pantsuit. Try wearing a wide-leg pants with a belted waist, or a pencil skirt. These types of outfits are sure to accentuate your curves and assets.

If you have a banana shape of a body, meaning you are not curvy and your hips are about the same size with your waist, aim to accentuate the thinnest part of your waist so your hips and bust will look larger and more proportional. Try wearing a shirt with ruffles around the neck because it will make your top half appear larger, which makes your waist look curvier and shapelier in comparison.

9 Know the Effects of Colors

It is a fact that the colors of what we wear can either make or break our overall appearance. In your clothing, for example, the right colors will make your skin glow and your aura sparkle, while wearing the wrong colors will get you look jaded and your skin dull. Thus, it is essential that you choose the right colors for your outfit that compliment best to your features.

There are two color categories for your clothing: the cool and warm colors. These two types of color can produce specific emotions and affect how we feel about ourselves. For example, if you want a color to make you at ease with yourself, you can start wearing something blue. While wearing red excites you and makes you feel energetic. By the time that you found the right colors that look great on you and you start wearing them consistently, this will also be the time that you will feel better about yourself and gain more confidence.

8 Know Your Comfort Level

For sure, you don’t want to wear something that makes you feel uncomfortable. Thus, it is essential that you know your comfort level and you wear something that makes you feel at ease. For example, If everyone around you is wearing less, but you don’t want to wear something like it, don’t compromise your comfort over to what’s on trend. It will only make you feel anxious in every move you make and decrease your confidence. But if you are someone who loves to show more skin, go for it! What matters is to feel better about yourself.

7 Follow Your Fashion

Your natural style may not always be on trend, but what’s important is to communicate to yourself and the world that, “Hey, this is me!” Feel free to show off your real self to everybody and be confident about it. It is not necessary that you follow all the fashion rules all the time. So, be yourself and believe in it.

6 Clothes That Can Make You Feel Confident

As what I have said, you need to wear what clothes you are comfortable with and make you feel more at ease and in comfort. But you will not regret trying these clothes below to make you keep your head up high and be more confident.

5 A Pair of Killer Heels

If you want to gather confidence in yourself, a pair of stilettos will undoubtedly do the work, especially the ones that are easy to walk in. For example, you can wear a pair of block heels, wedges, and convenient one-inch stilettos to add some height for yourself. An extra inch added to your height will immediately make your stride look longer and adds a fearless sway of your hips. It will improve how you carry yourself when standing and walking. Wearing heels will also draw some attention and make you feel self-assured.

But If you’re not comfortable, then don’t wear them because it will just stress you out. You can always swap heels for your preferred sneakers or flats. Wear heels on special occasions, not when you have to walk or roam around the city for a whole day.

4 A Stylish Leather Jacket

The good thing about a leather jacket is that it will enhance your outfit to a whole new level. Wearing a leather jacket wonderfully suits over anything you wear, whether it is a simple shirt or a dress. Putting one on means transforming yourself into a fierce and cool girl persona. Leather jackets help you to assume a particular character that makes other people believe that you are overflowing with confidence. So whenever you feel down, wear a leather jacket and let the confidence shine in you.

3 A Printed Skirt

You need to add a printed skirt in your wardrobe because there is something about this piece that can brighten up your mood and boost confidence. For instance, putting on a printed skirt makes you feel a lot happier and more comfortable with yourself.

 2 A Favorite Outfit

Another clothing that can ultimately change your day for the better is a go-to and simple outfit that you typically wears on a specific day of the week. Such a simple outfit will brighten up your mood because it does not have to be too sexy and it is comfortable to wear. For an ultimate touch, match your favorite outfit with stylish shoes, and that’s it! You will walk now with a comfortable and confident vibe. The praises that you received the first time you wore a favorite outfit will stay the same. And every time you wear it, you will remember the exact feeling of satisfaction with yourself.

1 A Cozy Knit with Jeans

Wearing a well-made, cozy knit is a sure way to uplift your downcast spirit. It might be because it provides you a comfortable and more relaxed vibe, or it might be that you cannot go wrong in fashion every time you wear it. So make sure that you have a cuddly knit handy if you want to boost your confidence.


Confidence is a personal weapon that you need to carry in every walk you take in life. If you have it, you can do and achieve incredible things, and you can inspire other people in your surroundings. One way to be confident with yourself is in the way you dress. It is essential that you highlight your body features, find the right colors, follow your style, and dress in your comfort level. In this way, you will be ready to approach life with your head up high.

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