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10 Alternative Team Building Activities Employees Will Love

It is important that you allocate some time for team building in 2018 as these activities prove beneficial to both your employees and the business as a whole. Firstly, it will provide the opportunity for your employees to form closer friendships, which encourages them to build trust and feel more comfortable working together. This then means they become more motivated and therefore, productive in the long run.

However, a team building exercise doesn’t need to be an awkward exchange around a table or a sweaty day competing on inflatables Total Wipeout style. You need to find a team building activity that your employees will love. Here are a few alternative ones to give you some inspiration:

1 Go on a city treasure hunt

As well as the opportunity to explore a new and interesting city such as Bath, Bristol, Edinburgh, or Oxford, seeing unique and popular landmarks as you go – a city treasure hunt will give your employees the opportunity to work together to solve the clues and ultimately find the treasure.

This activity enables each member of the team to play a role and to bring out their competitive side as they use their skills and initiative to beat the competition. At the end of the treasure hunt, you will be familiar with a brand new city and much closer to your team.

2 Organise an animation workshop

This activity will enable the team to practice skills such as working to a brief, communication, creativity and time management – all while having a lot of fun! It requires them to work with plasticine to create characters and then become a film crew as they bring their figures to life in a short animated film. All you need is lots of plasticine and a video camera (or even phones with a timelapse feature).

Each member of the team will take on a film production role, meaning that they need to work together, helping to build confidence, communication, and co-operation. The finished product can then, if you wish, be used on your company website or blog.

3 Beat the banker

Have you seen Deal or No Deal? Think it looks easy? Well, now it is time to find out as you step into the shoes of the contestants to beat the banker. Like in the show, sealed red boxes contain amounts ranging from 1p to £250,000 – this competitive activity will encourage you and your team to use your gut instinct to make the right decision as teams often work together to leave victorious. You can create the game yourself and instead of money give out smaller prizes.

4 A Mini Adventure

Do you fancy replacing Michael Caine in the lead role of the Italian Job? This team building exercise can be organized via the likes of an events company such as Adventure Connections and involves you and your team taking the steering wheel and following a trail of clues and completing challenges to find the information and equipment required to complete your mini adventure.

You will be given a black briefcase containing the keys to your Mini, a digital camera, and a clue pack. Along the route you will meet characters – some will help, but others may hinder – so you will need to work together and use your instinct to decide who to trust.

5 Cooking classes

Sign your team up for a cookery class and your employees will be transformed into chefs, picking up a new skill they can use in their day-to-day life and working together to create mouth-watering meals. You can then organize a cook-off later in the year so that people can show off their new culinary skills.

6 Laughter yoga

You know what they say, laughter is the best medicine, and you will be doing plenty of that with this exercise. To let go of any stress or tension sign up for a Laughter Yoga class – non-postural movements and interaction, and form deep connections with your colleagues.

You will start by learning the benefits of laughing for health and wellbeing, as well as laughter exercises, rejuvenating breathing, laughter meditation and relaxation while bonding with your colleagues.

7 Sports day

Head back to school and take a trip down memory lane, as you set up a sports day as your team building exercise – it’s also a great way to get outside on a warmer day in the summer. Plan relays, egg and spoon races and bean bag throwing competitions to really a throwback to the good old days. Everyone will have a lot of fun together with the competitive spirit a sports day creates. Split your team into ‘houses’ – the one with the most points wins!

8 TV commercial

Invent gimmicks and slogans as you write, direct, film and star in your very own television advert. Along with your production team, you will use costumes, props, and accessories to try to create the best advert.

Finish the day with an Oscar ceremony – where you will screen the adverts and hand out awards. Perhaps the commercial could promote your own company, product or service to ensure your employees understand it? You could even share it on social media afterward.

9 Urban Circus

Lead by the ringmaster, professional circus and street performers open the day with a show before splitting the audience into teams to discover their own hidden talents. You won’t find any clowns at this upbeat, fast-moving and motivational event.

Teams move around zones where they will have a go at everything from plate-spinning and low wire walking to stilt walking and juggling. Complete the day by bringing everyone together to put on their urban circus show.

10 The secret spy experience

Become an undercover agent in this spy experience where you will be handed an image of the ‘target’ before heading out with radio and earpieces to communicate with your team as you collect evidence such as video and images, overheard conversations and incriminating documents.

 Surveillance of the target will begin at their last known location and follows bag handovers and surreptitious phone calls – before ending with the arrest.

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