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Top 10 Tips Before Choosing the Perfect Play Tents for Your Kids

Kids always prefer to have a demarcated play area for them to carry out their exciting activities along with their friends. The play tent for either indoor or outdoor use by kids is now available in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes. Since different types of Kids Play tents are available in the market, the parents may decide in advance which model will be ideal for their children. If the parents go to the shop with a clear idea regarding the type and size of the play tents which they want to purchase for their kids, their shopping will be easy, fast and proper. Tents which are ideal for both indoors and outdoors are also available. The materials of the popup tents which are made of fiberglass are flexible as well as lightweight whereas the poles which are made of hard plastic or metal are strong and sturdy.

The parents may also find out the tastes and preferences of their kids before purchasing the Popup Play tent for them. While the traditional play tent of kids appears like a camping tent, the modern tents come in several funny as well as amazing styles. Some of the latest types of play tents have the shape of a pavilion or a castle. Round tents, tents with tunnels and various other types of tents are available today. When tents are purchased for indoor use, the size of the tent must be proportional to the size of the room. While deciding the size of the tents, the age of the kids must be taken into account. They should be able to get into and come out of the tent easily, and inside the tent, there must be sufficient space for their activities.

 Popup tents – the place for imaginative play 

These Kids play tents are the venues for the kids to play with their friends. These activities help the children to nurture various life skills and also to develop physically and mentally. The Popup tent helps kids to improve his or her creativity; the tents and the various play things that they use inside are in fact educational materials. The kids mainly use the play tents for imaginative play, and it is all the more important to ensure that they get the right play tent for their activities. Imaginative play facilitates the physical, mental and social development of a kid. Nowadays, children are encouraged to develop the practice of imaginative play. Through it, the kids develop the skill of creative thinking. Role-playing is an important part of the imaginative play; while playing they get the opportunity to learn more about the world around them and also become aware of their tasks and responsibilities. Imaginative play helps the kids to improve their communicative skills, and when they spend time inside the tents along with their friends and make them engaged in various activities, they learn how to manage independently when they are away from their parents.

Hence, the Popup Play tent serves a lot of purposes. The parents should not be under the impression that it is a place for their kids to hide and play only. It is a place for the children to carry out various practical experiments which will help them to acquire multiple skills. Therefore, the parents have to realize the importance of the play tents and may ensure to buy the best popup tent for their kids.

 Selection of the best Popup tents for your kids 

Since the market is flooded with a great variety of play tents, it is indeed a very tricky affair for the parents to choose the most suitable Popup Play tent for their kids. The size of the tent, the quality of the materials, the price and various other factors are to be considered while selecting the play tents for kids.

Here are a few useful tips for the parents who are in search of suitable tents for their children.

1 Decide the purpose of the tent

Those who want to purchase Kids play tents should first decide whether the tent is for outdoor use or for indoors. Some of the tents are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. The tents for indoor use will be blown away by wind if they are erected outside. Similarly, the outdoor tents will be larger and if used inside, they will occupy a major part of the room.

2 Decide the size and shape of the tent

The play tents are available in different styles and shapes. The parents should decide the style of the tent for which they may consider the preferences of their kids also. Those who want more exciting and fun-providing tents can opt for the tents provided with tunnels, like the Unicorn Play Tent; it’s a popup tent that you can take with you anywhere easily. This charming tent with fairy tail colors is of three parts: the house structure, tunnel, and mini-tent.

One has to consider the material used for making the parts of the tent also. When poles made of metal or hard plastic are used, the tent will be strong and sturdy whereas fiberglass poles will be lightweight and flexible. The fabric which is made of polyester or nylon will be soft, durable and strong. They are water-resistant and are easy to clean.

3 Decide the kind of set up

Before buying the play tents the parents must be clear about the set for their kid’s tent. Those who have limited place may have to keep the tent folded when the kids are not playing. Some tents are easy to fold as well as unfold. The tents provided with poles are more stable, but they are to be assembled every time. The pop-up tents are easy to carry, set up and clean, such as the Princess Kids Play Tent Fairy Castle. The fairy castle has a magical feature that your kids will absolutely love; they can recolor the roof over and over with the eight non-permanent fabric markers you will receive with the tent.


4 Roof of the tent

The Popup Play tent for outdoor use will be having waterproof roofing. However, this type of roofing is not suitable if the tent is for kids below the age of 4 years. When the tent has a mesh roof, the parents can easily watch the kids while they play inside the tent. The mesh roof also provides proper ventilation.

5 Consider the floor of the tent

Parents have to decide the type of the floor of the tent. While there are tents without bottom floor some of the tents have floors made of the same material as the wall of the tent or of a different fabric which will be thin. For the outdoor tents, waterproof flooring is ideal. Those who buy tents which have no flooring can layer a blanket inside so that the kids will feel comfortable.

6 Easy to assemble as well as dismantle

While selecting the Kids Play tents, the parents should ensure that the tents can be easily and quickly assembled as well as dismantled and can be conveniently packed off.

7 Teepee Tents – a cozy place for kids to play

The Teepee tents are ideal for kids to hide and play. Children can use the tent as a private place to play, read and draw. Before buying the Teepee tent, the parents may consider the space required inside the tent. Teepee tents come in a variety of styles and with different features.

8 Safety

While purchasing the play tents, the parents should ensure that the tents are 100% safe for their kids to use them. The tent should not contain any harmful material and the outdoor tents must be sufficiently strong and should ensure the protection of the kids from wind, sun, and rain.

9 Price of the tent

The price of the tent should match its quality. The tent is not necessary to be the costliest or the cheapest. The selection need not be exclusively on the basis of the price. All other factors are also equally important.

10 Compare between the tents of the same price

The parents may go through all the available brands with the same price. Apart from the price consider the design, color, the quality of material and other features of each product and then choose the best product.

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