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Top 10 Reasons to Go For a PRINCE2 Certification

Project managers and their team members need to continually upskill themselves to stay updated on project management’s latest trends and techniques. This knowledge will help them put their best foot forward with each project they take on and ensure they deliver immense business value. Certifications in project management are the best way of making sure that the teams are up to date on all the practices and methods of project management.

One of the most widely recognized certifications in project management is the PRINCE2 certification. PRINCE2 training can be completed by team members and project managers to learn how to develop, deploy, control, and maintain projects optimally. This article discusses the PRINCE2 certification, its levels, and the main reasons why project management teams need to invest in getting certified.

What is PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 is a methodology used by project management professionals to improve their quality and efficiency of their project delivery systems. The PRINCE2 method comes with a series of processes, tools, and techniques that can be implemented through the project’s life cycle to help them achieve success. The PRINCE2 certification teaches learners the best practices, tools, and techniques they need to implement in their projects to generate maximum value with their outputs and align their projects with overall organizational goals.

What are the different types of PRINCE2 certifications?

There are three levels of PRINCE2 certifications. They are:

  • PRINCE2 Foundation Level Certification: This is a beginner-level certification that trains individuals on the core concepts of the PRINCE2 methodology and how to implement them in their projects.
  • PRINCE2 Practitioner Level Certification: This is a more advanced level certification that requires prior experience working with and managing projects. The PRINCE2 Practitioners are certified project managers who can run teams and projects quickly and effectively.
  • PRINCE2 Professional Level Certification: This is a very high-level certification that is extremely difficult to complete. Few opt to achieve this certification because it is not that necessary and has a low passing rate.

Now, PRINCE2 has adapted to the changing environment in software development and introduced a PRINCE2 Agile Certification. This certification is available for certified PRINCE2 professionals who want to learn how to complete their projects in an Agile environment and the different Agile methods they can implement in their project life cycle.

Ten reasons to get a PRINCE2 certification

A PRINCE2 certification has many advantages for project managers and team members. The PRINCE2 certification adds a lot of value for the organization as well as the working professional himself. Some of the main reasons why those who are working in or aspire to work in project management should get PRINCE2 certified are:

1 Higher Annual Salary

PRINCE2 certified professionals earn a higher annual salary on average as compared to their non-certified counterparts. The reason is that companies have proof of the working professional’s skills in project management and can be trusted to handle complex tasks for the team. The higher level of certification a working professional has, the higher his annual income becomes.

2 Globally Recognized Credentials

A PRINCE2 certification is a globally recognized credential that acknowledges the level of expertise for project managers and their team members. Employees can feel proud of their certification because it is highly valued in the global project management community. PRINCE2 certifications are among the most valued credentials in project management, which means those certified are considered to be at the same level of importance.

3 Better Job Opportunities

A PRINCE2 certified professional will also be awarded better job opportunities just if he wants to change his career options. Organizations and recruiters are always looking for certified professionals in their companies because companies can trust them to implement project management’s best practices and successfully run their projects.

4 PRINCE2 Certifications Are Not Limited to Any Industry

Project management is a vast field that is not restricted to any specific industry. More and more enterprises are beginning to recognize the value of creating a structure to their new endeavors, so a PRINCE2 certification can help expand one’s horizons as well.

5 PRINCE2 Certifications Start with Foundation Level

The PRINCE2 certification for project management is available at different levels of expertise. This means beginners who want to learn more about project management and best practices using the PRINCE2 methodology can also benefit from this certification. Unlike the PMP certification, PRINCE2 certification is available for freshers as well.

6 Improvement in Skill Set

The most significant benefit for working professionals who apply for PRINCE2 certifications is improving their existing knowledge and skills. They will also learn new concepts that they can implement to increase their efficiency and deliver optimal results each time. The project quality improves, and so does the value derived from the processes.

7 Validation of Knowledge and Skills

If a team member or project manager has been working in project management for a while and wants to validate his skills, a PRINCE2 certification can help. PRINCE2 certification is an excellent way of showcasing one’s knowledge and expertise in project management. The certification is globally recognized, and certified professionals become part of a global community of PRINCE2 certified professionals spanning across more than 200 countries.

8 Stepping Stone to Further Education and Learning

The PRINCE2 certification also opens up avenues for further learning and education for working professionals. Project management is a vast field, and there are many different parts of the project management process that one can specialize in further. Once the professional has completed his PRINCE2 Foundation level certification, he can choose to specialize in risk management, grow in the project management sector, focus on program management, and more.

9 Improvement in Value Generation for Projects

Now that all the important personal reasons for getting a PRINCE2 certification are covered, there are many organizational reasons for getting the certification. Certified teams can work together to generate more value with their projects. They complete their projects with the tools and best practices of the PRINCE2 methodology, resulting in better performance, shorter delivery time, and improved results.

10 Career Advancements in the Same Organization

A PRINCE2 certification can also help one’s career grow in the same company. Once a team member has completed his certification, he stands a higher chance of getting promoted as a project manager, program manager, or portfolio manager with his PRINCE2 certification. Companies prefer promoting certified professionals within the organization because they already have proof of their skills and work ethics. The accreditation gives one the additional boost they need to grow their career in the organization’s right direction.


A PRINCE2 certification offers diverse options for growth for those who aspire to be project managers. The certifications also validate the project manager’s knowledge and expertise. Plus, the certification is a bonus to one’s resume, which is why those who work in project management opt for this certification course.

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