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Top 10 E-commerce Specialists Who Can Change The Economy

There are very few individuals who have proven to be powerhouses in the world of e-commerce over the years. These experts have had the most significant influence and impacts on how marketers in the industry do things. They have shown in various ways over the past years that they are authorities. Of course, with the latest knowledge of how things work, no one will want to doubt them for any reason.

The primary aim of this post is exposing you to some of the top e-commerce specialists that can change the economy. Their contributions are vital to the development of any economy. And this is based on the vast level of experience which they have managed to acquire in their respective fields in e-commerce trends over the years.

1 Ewen Chia

Ewen Chia has proven to be a significant force in internet marketing. He started in 1997 and is regarded as one of the brightest minds in the field of e-commerce. He has produced lots of videos, tapes, and books about internet marketing. One thing that makes this internet marketing expert unique is that his opinions on how to improve business performances are entirely out of this world. He is merely one of the best among others.

 2 Mike Filsaime

Mike Filsaime is another e-commerce genius that people don’t know or talk about much. One of the books in which he has announced as one of the top e-commerce marketers is ‘Butterfly Marketing.’ There is no doubt that given the ideas that he managed to share in this book, he has proven to be more than capable of bringing in one or two contributions that can improve the economy within a short space of time. There isn’t much to say about an e-commerce specialist who made more than $1million in 72hours from the sales of one book. It is worthy of note that he owns the popular website.

 3 Kunle Campell

Kunle Campell is vastly experienced in digital marketing. He may not be one of those famous e-commerce names that you hear about, but there is no doubt that his achievements speak a lot about his high level of expertise. He offers professional advice to e-commerce marketers who want to gain more exposure for their brands and eventually record more sales. With over ten years of experience, he could help the economy to improve in one way or another.

4 Steve Clayton

Steve Clayton has made a difference in lots of businesses by offering some of the top pieces of advice over the years. He is known as one of the best in Google pay – per – click advertisements. Even his achievements in the field of e-commerce will underline such a fact. Steve’s ‘‘Commission Blueprint’’ which sold thousands of copies showed that he has got a lot to offer the economy.

 5 Brian Dean

In case you have got a business that seems to be struggling at the moment, Brian Dean’s blog ( may help you out. This is because of the valuable tips that he provides to visitors over time. His principal aim has always been to help businesses such as yours get more visitors. A significant proof that he can contribute immensely to the development of the economy is the content of the book, ‘‘The Advanced Guide to Link Building’’. This has shown marketers how to increase their overall business performances over a given period.

 6 Pat Flynn 

If there is one thing that Pat Flynn has been noticeable for over the years, such should be helping people earn passive income. At a point in his life, he was fired from his job, and this motivated him to build an empire worth millions of dollars. He has got a blog known as ‘‘Smart Passive Income’’ where you can find various posts that will improve results in your business. These topics can be listed on search engine optimization (SEO), Facebook and others.

 7 Debbie Wosskow 

Seeing a woman trying sweat it out against men is something is not often happening in e-commerce. However, Debbie Wosskow has shown that she is one of the best in this field given her achievements. She has got one of the most informational blogs around known as Love Home Swap. In this blog, you discover the newest tech gadgets, current news on e-commerce and inspirational stories. Debbie has got something that the economy needs.

 8 Rob Anderson 

There are very few individuals who have managed to make a living off a platform such as Amazon. Rob Anderson is one of them. The website which is known as ‘‘Dollar Moves’’ will tell you much about this e-commerce genius. You can even check out his YouTube channel to learn more about what he can offer the economy. He doesn’t only help followers to get their online businesses running but also shows them how they can be automated.

 9 Armando Roggio

Armando Roggio is popularly known as the ‘‘Ecommerce Boy’’. Having managed to create almost 5000 articles, he worth calling him such name. He has more than 10,000 followers on Twitter. His tweets are majorly about marketing strategies, search engine optimization tactics and lots of others. He is also an expert in the field of copywriting. Given all of these contributions in the field of e-commerce, there is no doubt that Armando Roggio has got what it takes to move the economy forward.

 10 Zach Heller

Zach Heller became very famous when he wrote the book ”The Fundamentals of Email Marketing”. He has written a series of articles which are aimed towards providing both small and medium business outfits with powerful tips that will help them to become relevant and competitive. This is achieved through a platform known as Marketing for Distance Education. These are tips that can even be applied to an economy generally for development.

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