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The Pigeon Control Methods that are Better Over Net and Spikes

The little, cute, and attractive-looking pigeons sometimes become a nuisance for the human population. Their droppings have a large amount of corrosive uric acid that badly affects the roofs, rafters, ledgers, beams, bridges, and other infrastructure.  The pigeon droppings attract cockroaches, pests, mites, bugs, etc., which further spread diseases. One single pigeon produces 25 pounds of dropping each year, so if a city has 1 million pigeons, then can you imagine what damage the 1 million pigeon droppings will do. Pigeon droppings are not the only problem; they create health risks because the pigeon carries different diseases like E-coli, histoplasmosis, psittacosis, salmonellosis, etc.  Other than these issues, the pigeon’s droppings are pretty slippery and might cause injury if someone slips on them.

A Variety of pigeon control methods:

There are many pigeon repellent and deterrent techniques used worldwide to control pigeon problems. Some of them are inexpensive but not effective and are short-term. Some of the pigeon control methods are expensive but effective and are long-term.

1 Bird Spikes

It is one of the common and inexpensive methods used worldwide to control the pigeon problem. The spikes are made of steel or plastic, and they are mounted on a horizontal surface. The spikes prevent the pigeons from landing and roosting on your property. The spikes are easily installed, and they do not pose any harm to the pigeons.

Disadvantages of Spikes:

The disadvantage of spikes is that it is a short-term solution and proved ineffective after some time. There are also chances that pigeons pass through the spikes and then roost undeterred. The feathers, droppings of the pigeons, and other birds stuck in the spikes keep you busy for hours by cleaning it.

2 Bird Nets

Bird nets are a common and cheap method to deter the pigeons out of your property. The steel nets are mounted on a horizontal surface, just like the spike. The netting is used in both the small and the large areas to prevent the pest birds from nesting.

Disadvantages of the bird nets:

The bird nets are also not a permanent solution, and one of the significant problems with the netting is that the pigeons move to the adjacent area and perch there. That means that you can not have a pest-free environment. Another problem is that the feathers and the poops are stuck in the net and need cleaning regularly.

Pigeon control methods that are better than spikes and netting:

The spikes and the bird nets have their disadvantages, but some effective methods give better results. Some of the practical and humane methods are:

1 Pigeon Birth control program

The pigeon birth control method is better than all other methods because it is practical, humane, and gives long-term solutions. In the pigeon birth control method, contraceptives are added to the pigeon’s bait. The contraceptives contain an active ingredient called nicarbazin. Nicarbazin has been used to treat intestinal disease in chickens for more than six decades. The nicarbazin mixes in the pigeons’ blood and deposits in the sperm receptor site and does not let the egg fertilize. When the pigeon lays the unfertilized egg, it does not hatch, and that is how the pigeon population is controlled. A company with high expertise in pigeon birth control offers one of the most effective and humane birth control options of the pigeon control program.

2 Visual repellent techniques

Visual repellent techniques are used worldwide to deter pigeons and other pest birds from landing on the property. There are many techniques used to scare the pigeons visually. Some common visual repellent techniques are

  • Effigies:
    In this method, the plastic decoy of the hawk, owl, falcon, or snake is installed on the property’s roof. The hawk and falcon are pigeon’s natural predators, and the pigeon is scared of going near them. The effigies easily fool the pigeons and keep them away from the public and private property. This method works most of the time, but it has also been observed that after some time, the pigeons get used to the effigies, and they understand that it will not cause them any harm.

  • Reflected and direct source of light:
    The light reflectors are used to distract the pigeons. Different materials are used to reflect the light. On the household level, the aluminum pie plate and CDs are used as light reflectors. In larger areas like airports, power plants, and manufacturing plants, rotating reflectors or industrial lasers are used for this purpose.

3 Audio repellent techniques

In this method, some sounds are used to deter the pigeons. Some of the audio repellent methods are

  • Sonic and Ultrasonic sounds:
    In this method, the sonic and ultrasonic emitters emit pigeon predators’ sounds, such as hawk and owl. When the pigeons hear these sounds, they take them as real raptors and stay away from the property. The problem with sound emitters is that the pigeons get accustomed to the sound and stop paying attention.

  • Propane cannon:
    It is a single pressure sonic blast that frightens the birds. The propane canon is used in agricultural areas.

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