Top 10 Things That You Can Do With Your Old Books

What if someone told you that you can now sell books for cash? And that you can do all of this online! We have here a proposition that will put an end to all your woes.

Textbooks and books often find no use after having read them. Sometimes they are stacked in cupboard or thrown in dump yards. Below we have for you a list of 10 things you can do with your old books!


1 You can sell books for cash. A lot of websites are now offering this option. You can easily sell your books online and make the worth of the buck. This way they would no longer occupy space in your house.

2 Books once sold can be given away to charitable organizations. There are a lot of NGOs working the education sector today. They can definitely put the books to better use. This way you can help to make the world a better place.

3 The sold books can be used by UPSC or civil services aspirants. The books can be used by someone who still needs them. This way you are enabling someone else to derive knowledge from it. There definitely isn’t a better way to use them.

4 The books that you have sold can be recycled to make more paper. As the number of trees is constantly dropping, this seems a good idea. You can help save Mother Nature in your own little way here.

5 The sold books can be given to a library. Today more and more people are moving towards e-books. Here we have an opportunity to use our books to help people read like the days of the past.

6 The books sold by you can be sent to faraway villages where children do not have access to resources. Students in villages want to learn and grow but there are impediments. Here is a chance to make a difference to the lives of millions.

7 Today several craft forms have developed from paper. The old books can be used to turn them into more usable, creative items. These can further be sold to support livelihood. In your own little way, you can now be a part of art.

8 The books sold by you can be bought back by the publishers. They can use the material to update further books. This will aid them to publish more books at a lesser price. This version can then be used in third world countries.

9 When you are selling books for cash to recognized dealers, you have the option of buy back. In case of any changes in the future or if you feel you need them back, they are a call away. This is as good as stacking them at home.

10 The books sold by you will save you a huge space in your cupboard. You cannot deny that this was something you were looking for!

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