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Top 10 Tips to Avoid Bad Mood

Do you want to improve your mental health and feel fresh? Do you get bored of having a bad mood that negatively affects you in all ways, at home, with friends, and even in work? People do not take care that they expose themselves to things that are deemed to be the main reason for getting this mood. If you are willing to avoid this bad mood, here are the top 10 tips.

10 Do not watch disturbing news:

When you turn on the television, or search a magazine, you are almost exposed to see disturbing news, like murders, wounded people, etc. This is negative. Change it by following an information diet. You have only to limit yourself to only overwhelming news related to areas that are unswervingly important in your life, like health, fashion or business.

9 Organization:

If your desk at work is loaded and stuffed with papers, and documents, and your coffee table is covered by miscellaneous things , you will be in a bad mood. You may not understand it, the mess it taking a charge on your subconscious, and thus unhelpfully affecting your mood. This is fixed through having spaces for often used items and supplies. You should make sure that these chosen spaces are not visible spaces, such as drawers.

8 Do not spend time with negative people:

Indeed, negative emotions are more catching than positive emotions. Thus, it is simple to feel how having time with negative people can change your mood in a negative way. Yet, you should avoid the negative people. And when you cannot do so with negative people, try and instill positivity into the condition and the place.

7 Avoid screen time before bed:

Researches have stated that being exposed to the lights from the screens can repress your body’s construction of melatonin; a hormone that regulates your mood which is merely produced in darkness. So, you should turn off all screens at least 15 minutes before sleeping. You can read a book, or talk with your partner.

6 Do not stay up late:

Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences states that those who constantly stay up late are 3 times probable to be exposed to depression than those who used to sleep early. You have to get accustomed to get to bed early every night, as the extra sleep is giving you an increase of energy all through the day.

5 Avoid junk food:

The mayonnaise, potato chips and everything else that is used cooked in big amount of vegetable oil rich of omega-6. It is a kind of polyunsaturated fatty acids which can negatively affect your mood. A study showed that a diet rich with omega-6 and low in omega-3 causes large disturbances in neural function. You have to increase the quantity of omega-3 in your diet, as it positively affects your mood. There are abundance of choices to chose from.

4 Temptation:

The phenomenon is said to be ego depletion, and it essentially means that the additional temptation you resist, the more difficult it becomes to resist the next one. It is recommended to bring back your willpower by doing pleasing. A study showed that people who did something agreeable, as watching a funny movie, had more strength of will.

3 PSD. Files:

Modern media is more saturated with photos that have been diagnosed to eliminate blemishes and project perfection. So, your approach about yourself is influenced by the images you are continually have. Thus, they negatively affect your mood. To eliminate this problem, you should find something you can empathize with to affect your mood in a positive manner.

2 Lack of achievements:

If you lack goals or directions in your life, after a long time with achieving no goals, you are more likely to feel down. You have to set goals in your life, as there’s nothing more stimulating than making progress on a valuable goal.

1 Social media:

Researchers revealed that the more time people passed on social media, the more expected they are to be discontented with their own lives. It is fixed by taking some of the astonishing things taking place in your life and share it on your own social networks.


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