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Top 10 Tips for Writing PHD Thesis

Writing a PHD thesis is usually the last leg of your journey of years of hard work and determined efforts. It is accompanied with a frenzy of other activities and can often be neglected in terms of giving it enough time so that it can boost and show off your efforts from all these years. Following are some steps to help you form a PhD thesis at par with the other best online thesis writing which has the potential of increasing the chances of your success:

1 Edit your work to avoid mistakes

Do not bow down under the pressure of writing a thesis. As gradually your thesis takes shape, remember that even the greatest of writers need to edit their work. Read the work of other writers and use their experience to avoid making mistakes.

2 Rough draft of your thesis

Take the help of your supervisor to develop rough drafts of your thesis and try refining them as and when you write the thesis. Writing is all about rewriting your work when you find mistakes in them so be ready to rework on every draft of your thesis.

3 Increase flair in writing

Thesis can be immensely boring and dry not only to write but to read also. To avoid this introduce a flair that defines your personality and immediately clicks with the reader and let him know who is the author.

4 Accumulate points and elaborate later

Avoid writing the thesis in on go. The best way is to accumulate the basic points while they are fresh in your mind and elaborate on them later in a consistent and coherent manner. Don’t hesitate to restructure the sections pre-created if necessary.

5 Criticize your writing

You have to be very careful while writing your PHD thesis as this is the final stage of your years of efforts and hard work and you do not want to be unsuccessful in this endeavor. When you write your draft for the thesis, keep it aside for a while and come back later to read it with a criticizing eye. This will help you to immediately grasp your mistakes and rectify them.

6 Cross checking references with the bibliography

Most universities have a reserved style of reference which they like to see in the thesis of their students. Base your research on that reference from the particular bibliography. This can be the worst mistake that can be done while writing a thesis because even if your thesis would be critically acclaimed but you might not score good just because your bibliography was not the one which the university preferred.

7 Maintain consistency in style of writing

The style of writing will play an important role in your thesis. Stick to the use of a single dictionary when using one for references because every dictionary has a style of its own. Take care while using alternate words, hyphenated words as well as use of italics fonts and foreign phrases.

8 Quotes should not defer from sources

Ensure loyalty to your source by being careful while collecting quotes from their sources. Be sure to check the italic emphasis and maintain them in your thesis to avoid reworking on them.

9 Plagiarism check

Ensure to accurately quote your words and rephrase them when explaining them. Here a habit of accurate note taking as well as use of references will be invaluable as it will avoid plagiarism issues.

10 Thesis a showcase of your efforts

Your thesis will be a showcase of your long efforts and hard work. Engage your readers with a clear presentation of your hypothesis with an impactful introduction, body and conclusion.


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