10 Reasons Why Webmasters Choose Hostpapa for Their Hosting Needs

Websites and blogs, either for business or personal use, have been a familiar scene in today’s daily life. They have grown powerful tools for online marketing as well as self-expression. And to have a website available for visitors, you need a web hosting service.

Web hosts are companies that possess the necessary technologies and services for websites to be viewed in the World Wide Web. Today, numerous web hosting services, independent and owned by huge corporations, are available. They vary in the technologies they provide and the quality of their hosting services.  Now, let’s find out more about Hostpapa which is one of the best web hosting service providers for small businesses.

About Hostpapa

Hostpapa is a web hosting service provider that was launched in Toronto, Canada in 2006. It is a private, eco-friendly company that has been targeting small business owners nationally and internationally. Today, Hostpapa has more than 200,000 users registered in its different plans. Seeking the satisfaction of its customers, the company offers various web hosting packages, additional services, and different customer support tools. Following are ten reasons why Hostpapa stands out as an excellent choice for webmasters and owners of small businesses.

1 High-quality customer service

When registering in a new service generally, or a web hosting service especially, the quality of the customer service should be among the primary aspects to check. However it is not easy to determine it precisely before registering, some indicators could aid you in your initial research, such as the availability of customer support for all users 24/7. For example, in Hostpapa there are video tutorials along with nearly 2500 article to educate the users on website building, web hosting and how to make the most of it. The company also provides an auto-translate feature for different-language speakers. Besides, they present multi-language support. All this reflects the service provider’s interest in their clients and their satisfaction.  

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 2  Competent data centers

Hostpapa’s cutting-edge data centers guarantee the efficiency of the servers, and therefore the vitality of the hosting service. Backup data facilities are in some of their North-America data centers. Besides the backup power generation, further equipment and systems are employed to guarantee that the users’ websites are continuously available. There is a diesel generator for power redundancy, dual pre-action fire suppression systems, redundant climate control systems, Cisco powered network and various bandwidth providers.

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 3  Eco-friendly certified and award-winning company

Hostpapa has been a green web hosting service since their initiation in 2006. They have been neutralizing their energy consumption by buying green energy credits. Being a pioneer in green-energy hosting allowed it to stand out from other small-business web hosts, plus its reasonable prices compared to other green hosting service providers.

The company has also received corporate as well as industry awards, including the BBB Accredited Business award.

Hostpapa awards 10 Reasons Why Webmasters Choose Hostpapa for Their Hosting Needs - 4 hostpapa hosting

 4  Suitable pricing and varied plans

Hostpapa offers three plans with reasonable pricing to cover the various needs of their users and top it off with massive discounts, especially on their first two plans. The three packages are the Starter, Business, and Business Pro. The Starter is more suitable for you if you want a website or blog for basic or personal use rather than for a business; it offers a limited number of sites and disk space. The Business and Business pro plans are more for small business, for they provide extra advantages, including unlimited websites and disk space; however, you need to check their website to know what they exactly mean by unlimited disk space and bandwidth. They also include exclusive advanced features along with the essential ones that are available for all the plans. The Business Pro stands out with further performance and security enhancements.

The Starter plan’s monthly registration is witnessing 51% off, the Business 70% off, and the Pro 35%. Plus, the company offers the new users a 30-day money back guarantee.

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5 Improving speed and 99.9% uptime

The speed of the server that hosts your website is a factor that determines the website speed. All the effort you put in your sites would be meaningless if the visitors found the website unavailable or load slowly. Therefore, a successful web hosting service pays attention to the improvement of its speed, and Hostpapa has been doing so since their beginning. They use world-class hosting servers such as HP’s and SuperMicro’s; they upgraded all the servers to SSD drives and enabled their users the free Cloudflare content delivery network.

Besides, with 99.9% uptime, Hostpapa guarantees all their users no matter what their hosting plan is the continuous availability of their websites.  

Hostpapa web hosting features 10 Reasons Why Webmasters Choose Hostpapa for Their Hosting Needs - 6 hostpapa hosting

 6 Adequate control panel and site builder

The Hostpapa web-based c-panel is multitasking; you could use it to create email accounts, web statistics, manage the web hosting, etc. The site builder with its variety of website templates is quite helpful for the users who do not know about HTML/web design. A Starter plan comprises three pages. It employs an easy-to-use drag and drop option as well as navigation menus. Among the free features are over 100 mobile-friendly design templates and ready-made widgets and apps. Both of them assist the user to build and organize the website pages effortlessly.

Going for the premium site builder guarantees you extra options, including a Facebook page creator service.

Hostpapa web builder 10 Reasons Why Webmasters Choose Hostpapa for Their Hosting Needs - 7 hostpapa hosting

 7 High-quality complementary services

Web hosting services tend to provide their users with a package of additional services, and Hostpapa is no different from its peers. Some even demonstrate that their services are of higher quality than many other web hosting service providers. These extra services include domains, site designer, email, and more.

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 8 A package of security features

Guaranteeing the security of your website is an essential aspect that the web hosting service you deal with should efficiently cover. To keep its users’ sites secured, Hostpapa supports its different plans with security tools, including a server firewall, automatic malware removal, Panda Cloud anti-spam, regular attack monitoring, etc.

The business Pro plan provides more enhancements for those who seek more extensive security. The exclusive features comprise Wildcard SSL certificate, automated website backup, siteLock detect, and domain privacy.

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9  Continual improving

An absolute advantage of successful private companies that are not owned by massive corporations is that they are close to the customer and always seek to prove themselves and their users that they can do better and more. Hostpapa is among these active companies that are in a continual quest to improve the quality and quantity of their service.  Their newest hosting servers, for instance, include 32 cores with 128 GB ram at the minimum. And definitely, the echoes of these efforts reach their clients; for example, in his Hostpapa review a formerly senior SEO specialist points out to the notable increase in the current server speed compared to how it was at the beginning of the company.

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 10 Mobile-friendly website designs

As we live in the age of mobiles and smartphones, Hostpapa offers its users mobile-friendly website designs which enhance the mobile experience of the website visitors. The web hosting service allows the users mobile-ready websites via their website builder; it enables you to build compatible sites with all devices.

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Selecting a suitable web host is a vital decision for the improvement of your business. Always consider the size of your business and your hosting services demands before going for a particular web host and picking a service plan.

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