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How Covid-19 Is Making People Read More

The coronavirus has forced us all to spend more time inside than we would like. While it is annoying to feel cooped up, it has given us some great opportunities to start new hobbies and activities. For some, it could be to start cooking more healthier meals, while others may be using this time to start a business or side-hustle from home. But it’s reading that has become one of the most popular. There are many reasons why, but this article will explain the main ones that are responsible for surge, from learning a new skill to just reading for fun.

In fact, there are four of them. Want to know what they are? Then keep reading. Here’s how COVID-19 is making people read more.

1 To Learn a New Skill

There are all sorts of useful materials that can help you to learn a new skill, from watching YouTube videos to reading blog posts online. Creators, authors, and teachers like to publish their work in a book as it looks professional. While the above materials are free, they don’t always provide as much detail. On the other hand, since you’re normally required to purchase a book, you can be more confident that it will provide a lot of value. If it doesn’t, the author will expect to receive plenty of refund requests from buyers, or they won’t sell any at all.

Books are also a great resource for multiple other reasons. First, the authors can be real. They don’t have to worry about sounding or acting in a certain way as they would in, say, a video. There’s no extra production needed. For example, the author can say precisely what they want without using clear edits like jump cuts to make themselves sound natural. You can also take notes directly on the pages. This is not something you can do when reading a blog post on someone’s website. Plus, it just feels good to have a book in your hands. Absorbing the information from something real is more satisfying than looking at a screen the entire time.

2 For Personal Development

Some people may use this extra time at home to work on themselves, whether it’s to expand their mind to new concepts, becoming more informed in key areas to aid in their profession, or just to become a better person. For example, they can give you peace of mind and help you see life in a whole new light. Personal development books are tools to help deal with all the stresses in life. They can help strengthen your mind and show you how to deal with certain situations so, when the time comes, you can make the right decision. Then there’s the fact that personal development books help to boost your confidence and bring more positive energy. This new mindset makes everything seem a lot easier so you start thinking more clearly.

No matter where you are in your journey, you can benefit from personal development books – and with the current COVID-19 situation upon us, there’s literally no better time to get started.

3 For Brain Training

The more people read, they become exposed to different words that will end up entering their overall vocabulary. Being articulate is a quite attractive quality, especially if you’re looking for a new job for when the quarantine ends. It will allow you to speak confidently with high-ranking people in the organization.

Another way to use books for brain training is to improve memory. There are all sorts of elements to remember when reading a book, from a character’s background and appearance to various nuances used by the author to illustrate their point. It can all add up pretty quickly, but the brain is well equipped to handle all of this information. According to VeryWellMind, the brain creates a new synapse every time a new memory is created, while also strengthening existing synapses to assist in short-term memory recalls.

Then there’s the fact that reading can forge stronger analytical thinking. Ever read a book and figured out what’s coming next before getting there? If the answer is yes, then that’s down to critical and analytical thinking. This same ability can translate to the real-world when you’ve been presented with different data sets, and you must use it to come up with a solution.

4 For Pleasure

While people have more time on their hands to watch films and TV, it can start to feel the same pretty quickly. There’s only so much social media you can take in one go too. As a result, people are turning to books for satisfaction more than before. With an abundance of genres to enjoy, anyone of all ages can get involved.

It also provides an escape from the stresses of working life. Some people may want to be taken to a magical land where anything can happen, while others may want to get lost in a mystery book where the plot can twist at any moment. But it’s a whole lot more than that. There are several benefits to health and wellbeing that come along with reading for pleasure. For example, people that enjoy reading books regularly are less likely to develop mental health issues like anxiety. Further, since they stimulate the brain, readers are less likely to develop conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Then there are the social benefits to take into account. Reading for pleasure makes people feel more connected to a broader community, increases understanding of your own identity, and encourages you to feel more empathy.


COVID-19 has changed the way we read. That said, just because you must stay inside to protect the people around you doesn’t mean you have to be bored out of your mind. Pick up a book and start reading, whether it’s to learn a new language, how to start doing yoga to help decrease stress levels, or even to get caught up with the latest fantasy adventure that everyone is talking about.

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