10 Reasons Why He Hasn’t Called You Back

We’ve all been in this situation before; you’ve felt like you’ve hit it off with a guy, and he’s giving you the impression that he’s seriously into you. Everything is exciting and is looking super positive, but suddenly he turns silent on you. Maybe you’ve only been on one date, or perhaps you’ve been messaging back and forth for a few weeks now. Whatever your history with him maybe, being ghosted is a kick in the teeth. It’s at this stage when the thoughts really start spiraling; maybe he’s lost his phone—or taken down my number wrong? Perhaps he’s been whisked away on a top-secret business trip and isn’t allowed contact with the outside world! Or maybe… he’s just not that into me?

Unsurprisingly, these fantastical scenarios serve no good for us. That is why it’s important for us to compose ourselves and understand that there are many reasons for his sudden silence – even though some of them may be a little hard to swallow. Check out the list below to better understand why he hasn’t called you back!

1 He’s playing it cool

Possibly the most common reason for a guy’s silence is his desire to ‘play it cool’. He may be really into you and thoroughly enjoyed himself on your last date, but feels that he may be perceived as too eager by contacting you straight away. He might need a while to process where he wants things to go with you, so has decided to retreat while he mulls everything over.

2 He’s playing it a bit too cool

When a guy’s withdrawal is incredibly inconsistent or extends for too long, you can be pretty confident that he’s now simply playing mind games with you. These are the type of men that need to be avoided at all costs as their intentions are flawed and their immaturity knows no bounds. He believes that by toying with you, he is leaving you craving more when in reality, this is a tactic doomed to fail in the long-run.

3 He’s hoping that you will make the first move

Dating can sometimes feel like a game of chess as each player has a tactical strategy and keeps a close eye on the movements of the other. Therefore, a guy who is hoping that you make the first move in this particular game may be a man who lacks confidence in his dating abilities.  Although certainly an endearing trait, this may not be the dream guy for those of us who prefer an assertive and self-assured partner.

4 It’s not the right time for him

While sometimes this reason can appear as a lame excuse, it mustn’t be dismissed altogether as sometimes we aren’t able to witness what is going on behind closed doors. Perhaps he is dealing with grief, lamenting over a past relationship, or he isn’t quite as ready to hit the dating scene as he previously thought. Despite this, this guy shouldn’t be written off as it is likely there is a chance to rekindle in the future.

5 There are other women on the scene

This is probably the biggest fear that we all have when a man suddenly hits us with silence. Unfortunately, we women are fantastic judges of character, and if you have a sneaking suspicion that he is a secret womanizer, he probably is. This particular man lacks the emotional intelligence to commit his attention to one woman at a time, so feel no guilt by removing his number from your phone.

6 Or worse, he’s already in a relationship

Make a mental note of this man’s digital activity. Does he interact with you for days at a time only to go suddenly cold for no apparent reason? Does he only contact you at strange hours of the day? Whatever the warning signs are, if they are there, they can’t be ignored. Once you are truly confident that he is a two-timer, call him out on his nonsense.

7 He sees no future between the two of you

Sometimes we must admit defeat and move on if a guy makes it clear he can’t see the two of you working out. It’s important that we don’t take this personally as a lack of chemistry with just one person is not a reflection of our self-worth. With this being said, we all deserve an explanation and we should not tolerate complete ghosting.

8 It’s on you

If all other options have been exhausted, perhaps it is time to self-reflect and consider if you have given the impression of being unavailable. To clarify, being independent and headstrong are incredibly admirable traits for a woman, but by refusing to yield even just a little may convince a man that you simply do not need him in your life at all. Reach out to him if you feel this may be the case.

9 He’s a flirt

A man’s silence may be indicative of a serial dater who enjoys playing the field. This itself isn’t problematic, but he should be honest and upfront with you about what he wishes to gain when interacting with you.

10 He’s intimidated by you

This last reason is more common than you might think. Of course, not all men are intimidated by an independent and fiercely intelligent woman. Still, many may believe that they simply aren’t up to your standards or may struggle to satisfy your intellectual needs. Take ghosting from this man as a compliment and move onto bigger and better things.

After hearing of all the potential reasons why a guy has failed to call you back, it’s time to move on and find closure. Overthinking what you might have done wrong, or what you could have said differently serves no purpose as sometimes men just disappear on us, and that’s that. Remind yourself of how smart, independent, and empowered you are as a woman and do not let a man keep you on a string as you deserve far better. Instead, put your energy into pursuing a kind, self-assured and mature man who will never leave you second-guessing yourself. If you still feel like you lack the clarity you need, visit one of our incredible psychics at for some extra support and guidance.

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