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Best 10 USA Online Stock Broker Companies

Are you a financial portfolio investor active and using the stock as a lifeline? Have you discovered the volatility of the stock market? Do you rely on knowledge or luck? It is possible you could be depending on both at the same time. The answer relies on finding the best USA online broker companies to trade with them. Blue-chip stock broker companies do not promise or guarantee your making of lots of money from the trading business. The best stock trading companies ensure security, presence in the global arena and reliability. The stockbroker companies discussed in this article provide safety, satisfaction, features that are attractive and promise you a global presence. Just read the post from start to finish to get an idea of the top 10 USA online stock broker companies.

 1 Scottrade/ TD Ameritrade

Providing the best experience for its users, a transparent fee schedule and trade fees that are very reasonable, Scottrade was listed as a number one in 2014 by J.D. Power during the survey conducted for self-directed investment brokerage firms. In 2017, Scottrade was merged with TD Ameritrade company. The trading platform has numerous pieces of information for free to assist investors to gain confidence concerning their new venture.

 2 Charles Schwab

During the survey conducted by J.D. Power for Self-Directed investment brokerage firms, it was noted that almost all participants awarded Charles Schwab high approval rating. Among its outstanding features are free transfers of accounts, trading virtually and money for value. You are awarded a new member bonus amounting $100 as soon as your account is set up. Are you looking for stockbroker companies with a difference? Then look no further as Joining Charles Schwab enables you to enjoy a variety of advice on investment related areas, services, and products not limited to brokerage but also includes accounts for retirements, trading online and much more.

 3 E-Trade Financial 

It is highly ranked with trading online and research tools and has a very reasonable pricing plan. E-trade financials global presence is massive in the sense that it has branches across South Africa, Europe, Asia, Mexico, and Canada. They always say that joining and trading with their stock trading companies you will always be controlling your future finances. This company has got the information, investing online and analysis tool required that you will ever need to be successful in trading online. They also offer live trading online.

 4 Vanguard

Vanguard is considered one of the largest stock trading companies in the world, boasting of assets globally ranging to the tune of $3 trillion. Many investors often do not mention Vanguard, but I believe it’s because of lack of information. Among the brokerage firms’ comparison, Vanguard has educational and tools for research that is parallel to none; they also host the biggest mutual fund in the globe. Vanguard ETFs (exchange-traded funds) provides an opportunity for the investor to diversify between the mutual fund and flexible trading of bonds and stocks.

 5 Fidelity Investments

With fidelity investments, you stand to benefit greatly from the advice and financial planning, plans for retirement, management of wealth services, brokerage and trading services among many more as they are determined to offer customer service comparable to no other investment brokerage firms around the globe. The ranking of fidelity as far as customer care is concerned remains above the par and they believe that coupled with research, they make the key elements essential for instilling confidence in the investors. Their platform is, however, a thorough challenge for new investors and it will have to take them quite some time to comprehend how to navigate.

 6 Options Xpress

It is believed that options Xpress is linked to the corporation of Charles Schwab to provide an online electronic platform for trading and it specializes in options trading. The advantages of options Xpress as a brokerage firms comparison is realized in its providing the virtual, instructor, and broker assisted courses for investors without any charge. Many areas include functional service for its customers and materials for guiding investor research.

 7 Ally

They believe that everyone can improve his/her financial situation, and therefore they need not remain entangled in a rather complicated economic life. However, it guarantees you the opportunity to get financial freedom. Ally platform features a very user-friendly interface to the investor with necessary tools for research and rich data for 0$. Additionally, you can operate a $2500 portfolio account being managed for you by all at a paltry 0.30% of your account balance.

 8 eToro

eToro is a leader in the world of investment and social trading. It is one of the best stock trading companies dealing with investment and trading stocks, indices, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. Millions of users registered in the platform are enjoying an amalgamation of tools for investment and trading innovations which are reliable and secure to fit the needs of your investment. No fee is charged for managing your account, but you will incur a $25 fee for withdrawing and a further $10 for being inactive.

 9 TD Ameritrade

Trading with stock trading companies TD Ameritrade will give you the peace of mind that you desire. Through this great platform rich in powerful trading tools, and resources will make you remain above the trading market always while enjoying super technology, a wide range of available products, education that is uniquely tailored right for you and a service specifically targeting your needs. TD Ameritrade believes that every investor has unique goals that are not similar to other investors and as such should be the investment advice directed to them.

 10 ShareBuilder

The unique feature of ShareBuilder is the $600 bonus that you will get as a new investor upon funding your account. It was formed to be a tool for the kind of traders involved in trading automatically, ShareBuilder, however, has some disadvantages that are worth noting, e.g., lack of trading assistance and trading internationally.

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