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How to Track a USPS Package?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is a renounced national leader in postal services, so it’s often used as a priority carrier for shipment of packages to the USA or order shipment across the U.S. territory to other countries. Shipment via this service may be tracked by the use of the unique tracking number assigned to every item.

How Can I Track My Order via USPS?

Once you receive the USPS postal tracking ID, you may use a variety of methods for quick tracking. It may be the merchant’s website, the USPS website, or your local postal office. The difficulty with USPS tracking may arise if you don’t know the sub-service your merchant used to send the parcel. For instance, the USPS tracking, Priority Mail, Certified Mail, and Global Express Guaranteed, as well as other services, have different standard shipping tracking numbers for their parcels. So, to be entirely sure that your shipment is on its way, check all original shipment information from the sender.

If you lost the USPS tracking receipt, it’s still not a reason to panic. In such cases, you can get the assistance from your local post office or the post office from which the item departed to you. It’s mandatory to restore the receipt in some way since you cannot verify the delivery status without the tracking number.

Tracking your Package with Informed Delivery®

Informed Delivery ® is the app of USPS enabling users of the service to track shipment instantly. It’s super convenient by letting users not type their tracking numbers, but simply track everything with images of incoming mail, automated package tracking, customized delivery instructions, and automated email and text alerts.

Order Tracking via a Tracking Site

If you are not using the USPS international tracking app for some reason, you may still conduct global package tracking in real time with the help of tracking sites. For instance, provides an easy and convenient method of tracing your USPS shipment. To do this, you only need to visit the site, select “USPS” in the list of available tracked carriers, and insert your tracking ID in the corresponding tab titled “Parcel Search in This Service.” It will take only a couple of seconds for the service to trace your package and display all relevant information on its location right on the site page.

How to Track a USPS Order without the Tracking Number?

Unfortunately, when it comes to postal service tracking of a USPS shipment, no data except for the track order number may be used for effective location of your shipment. So, it is strongly advised to all customers using the USPS delivery system to inquire the merchant about this data and to take photos of all relevant documentation.

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