10 Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey

Over the last few decades, Turkey has become one of the most trusted destinations for medical tourism. For matters relating to hair transplants, you can count on them for a high-quality job. Clients who have taken part in Turkey’s hair transplant operations have attested to their standard and friendly procedures. They have been deemed as a preferable option because they can guarantee top-quality services for much less. A hair transplant operation in Turkey does not cost anything near the exorbitant charges you get in places like the U.S. and some other parts of Europe. So, has decided to help you discover some of the most excellent hair transplant clinics in Turkey.

1 HLC Hairline Clinic

This clinic is situated in Istanbul and Ankara and has enjoyed plenty of success regarding hair transplants. The person in charge is none other than the famous Dr. Otzan Ozgur. HLC Hairline clinic offers a wide range of hair restoration services like reconstructing hairlines that are already receding, hair transplant around problematic areas of your head, and other related services. You know, Dr. Otzan Ozgur happens to be among those who started FUE transplants within Turkey. You don’t have anything to worry about when you go to HLC Hairline Clinic for your hair transplant needs.

2 Dr.Erkam CAYMAZ – Hair Upload Clinic

Hair Upload Clinic, which Dr. Erkam Caymaz founded, is a hair transplant facility in Istanbul, Turkey. For hair transplantation up to 4,000-6,000 grafts (bunches of 1-4 follicles), specialists utilize the Sapphire Micro FUE technique without any skin scars. Patients choose this Hair transplant center from the US, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Ireland, and Spain.

Dr. Caymaz, who has more than ten years of Hair Transplant expertise, is a respectable hair specialist and a member of the World Fue Institute and the certified Surgeon of Fue Europe. He has received numerous accolades, including “top surgeon of the year,” chief surgical technician of the year,” person of the year, “and” hair saver of the year.”

Different hair substitution surgeries are offered at the Hair Upload Clinic to many individuals with hair loss issues. One of its specializations is “Hair Transplant Surgery.” The doctor then uses the Sapphire FUE technique, which stands for the extraction of the follicular unit. It is a natural hair restoration technique and ensures privacy. He has also tried the DHI technique.

Hair Upload Clinic for hair transplantation in Turkey offers many branches around the country, and you can get a consultation by contacting any of their surgeons in Istanbul. Also, you can find more details online about Hair Upload or Dr.Erkam CAYMAZ Hair Transplant Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey.

Dr. Caymaz Hair Transplant Clinic


Dr.Erkam CAYMAZ - Hair Upload Clinic
Dr. Caymaz, who has more than ten years of Hair Transplant expertise, is a respectable hair specialist
Dr. Caymaz Hair Transplant Clinic - Istanbul
Dr. Caymaz has received numerous accolades, including “top surgeon of the year,” and chief surgical technician of the year.

3 Diamond Hair Clinic

The Diamond Hair Clinic has one of the best hands that can handle most hair transplant operations with amazing outcomes – Dr. Mehmet Demircioglu. After graduating from a Turkish University, Dr. Mehmet Demircioglu went to the Netherlands to broaden his understanding of hair transplant operations. This doctor has also published several science journals successfully that explain the genetic pattern of male baldness. Diamond Hair Clinic has been able to carry out over 2,500 successful Follicular Unit Extraction since they first started in 2012.

4 Sanantur Clinic

If you are looking for a hair transplant clinic in Turkey with a virtually 100% success record, you will have to consider Sanantur Clinic. This Spanish-owned clinic has amazed and surpassed clients’ hair transplant expectations. This is where you are assured of the best service delivery for much less. With over 15 years’ experience in their kitty, their hair transplant operations are now close to perfect. The Sanantur Clinic staffers like to work closely with their patients to ensure they are 100% satisfied. That consciousness is what has led to their incredible growth over the years.

5 Transmed Clinic

This was where the first hair restoration services took place in Turkey in 1994. Since then, the clinic has chosen to specialize in a host of services that include dermatology, hair restoration, plastic, cosmetic & reconstructive surgery. It is not surprising that this clinic has progressed in leaps and bounds in hair transplant because they have a research & development dept. Patients from up to 50 countries have attested to their professionalism and expertise. Transmed Clinic provides various hair transplant packages such as hair transplant surgical operation, interpreter services, after surgery medications, accommodation, etc.

6 Clinicana

Here, you can get any cosmetic treatment you want. Clinicana has always been recommended as a reliable hair transplant clinic in Turkey. Every treatment has to go through standard medical procedures, which means supervision by qualified doctors and other health professionals is a must. These professionals have to be present to ensure everything works according to plan. That way, their patients will not be disappointed in any way. Clinicana staff can speak several international languages. So, communication is not a barrier at all. They also like to follow up on their patients to ensure everything is fine afterward.

7 Estetistanbul Medical Center

This high-classed center was set up in 1994. Estetistanbul has been remarked as one of the trusted hair transplant clinics in Turkey. They’ve done remarkably well in handling dermatology, cosmetic surgery, with a particular interest in hair transplant. They have completed more than 70 hair transplant operations monthly, amounting to more than 1500 patients yearly. Estetistanbul center remains one of the places you can get these services at an affordable rate with great quality.

8 Dr. T Hair Transplant Clinic

One person has typically overseen all hair transplant activities in this clinic – Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu. This doctor has completed over 7000 surgeries since 1996, making him one of the best in the field. He has succeeded in making this clinic one of Turkey’s hair transplant clinics you can turn to for such operations. He had traveled to places like the United States to learn about hair transplants. He has been a proponent of contemporary FUE techniques.

9 Special ASMED Medical Center

This medical facility has had a good track record with its patients regarding hair transplant operations. The man at the helm of affairs here is Dr. Koray Erdogan. He has made a name for himself by introducing the “Sequential Technique” into the FUE world. Since then, it has become a popular and reliable technique. Many science groups and journals have credited him as a great light to this generation. With other staff, Dr. Koray Erdogan has helped ASMED center become a reliable name in the hair transplant clinics in Turkey.

10 AHD Clinic

AHD Clinic has been known to handle hair transplant operations since 2002. Many credits should be given to one person whose supervision and expertise have helped put things straight. Dr. Hakan Doganay is the hair transplant expert who seems to be overseeing everything around here. He is extremely good at hair transplants and body hair transplants. Dr. Hakan Doganay loves to apply the simplest and most convenient techniques in discharging his hair transplant responsibilities.

10 Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey

New Clinic has been added to the list:

11 Dr Resul Yaman Hair Clinic

Nothing is as exciting as when Mother Nature pushes you into a field of study. Such is the story of Dr. Yaman. His keen interest in hair restoration treatments was born out of his baldness. By 2007, he did his hair transplant surgery. He has performed all sorts of hair transplant surgeries successfully before today.

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