The Contact Lens Myth Continues

It is a surprise; so many myths are attached to the contact lens. Regardless of the medical advancement, we still let the shackles of myth hold us from trying anything. The contact lens is not just for a medical purpose, though developed for a medical reason; it became an integrated part of a fashion statement. They are no more as expensive and non-reachable as before. With proper care and following precautions and doctors guidance, they can be opted by everyone.

Contact lens causes eye problems

Nope, it is not as problematic as emphasized. Using contact lens comes with particular instructions needed to be followed, like consulting with the doctor on the eye capacity, keeping track of the time of wearing the contact lens, replacing them at the specific period and disinfecting the lenses while wearing and removing can save you problems.

Can’t get the contact lens out of the eye

Doing it for the first time can be tough, lenses are so thin. However, your physician will train you at the beginning on how to wear or remove them by yourself. If they forgot to, remind them to give you a demo or else there are elaborate videos or written instructions on how to put and remove the lens from the eye. You might make a few mistakes; in the beginning, try with a disposable lens before going for a yearly one till you get the hang of wearing and removing them effortlessly.

Contacts pop out of the eye

It was used to happen, the old fashioned hard contact lenses sometimes popped out of the wearer’s eyes during extensive activities such as sports, but the current development in contact lenses allow them to stay fixed to the eye, making it rare to pop out. If it is still popping out, it can be considered as little carelessness.

They are heavy on the pockets

This completely depends on the individual choice; sometimes contact lenses can be less expensive than a good pair of spectacles. If you are going for colored or special effect contact lens, they can be expensive such as Solotica Hidrocor Mel, and the pricing depends on the durability also. Solotica contacts come with 1-year usability to weekly disposable.

What’s the right age to wear contact lens?

This is one of the most common phrases we hear “I am too old for it,” “at my age, it is not appropriate,” “my age might not support.” As far as the information provided, the contact lenses come with precautions and usage instruction but never with age restriction. The only limitation you might face while choosing the contact lenses is that not every type of contact lens is suitable for you. Based on your requirement and your doctors’ suggestion, you need to put the specific type.

What stops us are our own fears; if you are among the crowd who like to take bold steps and see. Then the contact lens is one among the options.

H. M. Kotb

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