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Alanya is a city and district of the same name on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. The population of Alanya considered the warmest among the major cities in the country, is slightly more than 100,000 people. The region stretches for almost 50 km and is home to about 250,000 people.

According to various sources, the tourism industry of Alanya accounts for 9% of the total tourist flow and the local real estate market, from 20 to 30% of transactions involving foreign buyers. Today, buying flats in Alanya, it is essential to know that about 35,000 houses in Alanya are owned by foreigners, of which Russians own almost 6,000 residential properties.

1 Buy an apartment in Alanya on the coast

Cities are growing, and with them, their population is increasing. But how can you settle a huge amount in a limited area? Apartment buildings save cities from the problems of overcrowding and overcrowding. Useful living spaces are reaching for the heavens. But the overcrowding of modern cities is not to everyone’s liking. Problems with noise and unfavorable environments remain.

Few people think that sometimes it is worth stopping to oppress yourself and start living for your own pleasure, with comfort. You can buy a new apartment and not just anywhere, but right abroad. For example, in Turkey, in the small cozy town of Alanya on the sea coast.

To buy an apartment in Alanya, the consultants of the construction company will be happy to help you. By consulting, you can determine which apartment you want to purchase, which floor you like to live on, what you prefer in interior design, and which pricing policy will not hit your finances. Such companies have many affordable apartments in the catalog that will easily satisfy the taste of any gourmet interior.

You get the opportunity not only to be consulted on issues of interest to you regarding the purchase of an apartment but also to receive various types of assistance in paperwork because companies care about the time of buyers and do not want them to get stuck in the paperwork.

It should also be noted that buying an apartment in Alanya is very profitable, not only because you will improve your living conditions but also because you will be able to fully settle in a new country, which is undoubtedly one of the most powerful in its region. Our firm is always glad to see new clients making a great choice by contacting us. We will gladly provide you with professional support in choosing a new apartment in Alanya and help with all financial and legal documentation.

Buy an apartment in Alanya on the coast
To buy an apartment in Alanya, the consultants of the construction company will be happy to help you.

2 Geography and prices

The first line in Alanya is built mainly with hotels, and residential complexes on a hill, and many apartments offer sea views. A furnished apartment in the center of Alanya can be bought for €38,000, and a villa with a pool will require a budget of €180,000.

The region’s largest and most popular cities, besides Alanya itself, are:

  • Okurcalar;
  • Avsallar;
  • Mahmutlar;
  • Kestel;
  • Oba;
  • Tosmur;
  • Cikcilli;
  • Konakli;
  • Gazipasha;
  • Kargicak;
  • Demirtas.

One of the most budgetary and popular destinations in the region is Mahmutlar. A studio here costs €30,000, and a 1-bedroom apartment 100 meters from the sea can be purchased for €35,000.

In the areas of Kestel, Tosmur, and Oba, the cost of apartments starts from €30,000. Of these areas, the most developed infrastructure and a well-maintained beach are in Tosmur.

In the Cikcilli area, chosen by Europeans, the minimum price tag for a 1-bedroom apartment is €50,000. Here, prices are about the same both in the primary market and among the non-old housing stock of the secondary market.

The most prestigious areas with the most expensive real estate are the areas of Cleopatra and Damlatas beaches. Houses 15-20 years old predominate here. The cost of an apartment on the secondary market starts from €100,000.

Some of the most expensive objects in the region are also located in the Konakli region – here, prices are comparable and sometimes even higher than similar objects in Alanya. An apartment 300 meters from the sea here costs €33,000, and the cost of houses starts from €90,000.

Cleopatra and Damlatas beaches
The most prestigious areas with the most expensive real estate are the areas of Cleopatra and Damlatas beaches.

3 Property in Turkey

Are you interested in purchasing a flat in Alanya or another popular area? Turk.Estate is a reliable aggregator that will always come to the rescue of new clients! The site contains elite housing objects in famous city locations from leading developers.

Turk.Estate is a reliable aggregator that will always come to the rescue of new clients!

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