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Top 10 America’s Writers of All Times

At custom term paper writing service, we believe that writers from all categories have a significant role in shaping the future, culture, and the thinking of any nation or civilization. In fact, whosoever controls the pen controls the nation more than the one who carries the gun. Here is a list of America’s finest writers of all times.

1 Ernest Hemingway

He is a leading 20th century writer known for his straightforward and brief approach. The Nobel Prize winner also carved himself a reputation of fearlessness. Some of the books he is renowned for are The Sun Also Rises and The Old Man and the Sea.

2 Mark Twain

The list of American writers is incomplete without Mark Twain. He is known for his mastery of English literature, and hence, he is rightfully known as the father of American Literature. He has contributed immensely to the writing fraternity, having written twenty-eight books.

3 Danielle Steel

Danielle is among a few women who have immensely impacted America’s writing landscape. She is known for her contributions in the romance genre, and she won herself a name and the coveted Golden Globe Award. Additionally, Steel holds the Guinness World Records for making consecutive weeks on the New York Times Bestseller List.

4 Dr Seuss

For those who love kids’ books, this author redefined the way people interact with children’s writings. He infused kids’ books with fun and curiosity, and it is no wonder he wrote 56 kids’ books during his illustrious writing career.

5 Harold Robbins

Harold is another American writer who penned down 25 best sellers in 32 languages. His career was marked by controversy due to his leaning towards sexuality, money, and power. His work attracted critics and fans in equal measure. Additionally, his lifestyle was marked by pleasure and opulence.

6 Stephen King

Steve is known for his horror-like approach in his writings. If you are a horror lover, you will feel at home with his writings. His work has seen him receive recognition from the Guinness World Records for the most motion picture adoptions.  He also won many other awards in his lifetime.

7 F.Scott Fitzgerald

This author ruled the writing domain in the 1920s.  His passion for writing began when he was a teenager by drafting articles for his school newspaper. Additionally, he wrote 178 stories and published them in different publications. Additionally, he led the same life he wrote about.

8 Sidney Sheldon

This Oscar Award winner has a humble beginning from where he rose to become an internationally acclaimed novelist and storyteller. He wrote many best sellers and his works made him a favorite among teenage readers.

9 Louis L’Amour

This American author is famous for writing western-based novels. He penned down 100 books and 400 short stories that were read in 10 different languages. He is popular for traveling to places where he drafted his books, thus making it easy for readers to connect with his writings.

10 William Faulkner

Lastly, we have Bill the novelist come poet whose works focused on his reflections on the history of the South. His writings were technical and full of imagination.

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