4 Promises You’ll Make To Yourself On A Monday

Monday is a tough day, the beginning of a new week, which is associated with work and studying. However, Monday also marks a new period that will bring you new emotions, acquaintances, and experience. Few people like Mondays, but if you learn to perceive them as ordinary days when you give yourself promises and keep them, it will help you to take life easy. And you’ll always be in harmony with yourself and the world around you!

So, stick to these four promises. They will contribute to your personal and professional growth and a happy life.

1 Promise Yourself You’ll Stop Trying to Control Everything

Sometimes things get out of hand, and you can not control everything that happens in your life, so do not try to do it. Life is unpredictable, and your strength is not the ability to keep everything under control, it is your flexibility and capacity to adjust to all changes.

Of course, sometimes you feel stifled, frustrated or undervalued, but it’s ok. You won’t foresee all situations, and it doesn’t matter how many safeguards you put into place.

Thereby, don’t focus on getting into the nuances of control, instead of it encourage yourself to give up on it. Go with the flow and relax, changes come when they are needed.

2 Promise Yourself to Appreciate Small Moments

Don’t be one of those, who chase their dreams and forget to live. Life consists of small moments, which create happiness, so notice and appreciate the beauty around you during the pursuit of your goals. When you are stressed out, the antidote isn’t incessant rumination; it is the enjoyment of life and awareness of your priorities.

When you don’t dwell on dreary days and detrimental things, become thankful for everything, relish small things, then you set yourself up for joy, which forms positive thinking.

So, wake up in the morning and tell yourself: “My formula for today is positive thinking + the ability to see beauty in the simplest things and appreciate them = a happy day.” Doesn’t that feel good?

3 Make a Promise to Yourself To Develop Because of Problems

Always strive for self-growth and understand that accomplishments, as well as setbacks, are necessary. Challenges make us think, react and act. When you face them, it is up to you – either to learn from them or to be broken by them.

So, try your best, realize your power and use it. On top of that, remember that shame-based thoughts and your lack of faith in yourself lead to nowhere, and they affect your capabilities at work.

Thus, you must dare to believe in your power, dare to commit acts, which will strengthen your character and dare to develop morally and spiritually every day.

4 Promise Yourself to Be Happy Daily

Happiness is what makes our life vivid and helps us to pull through tough periods. Give yourself the instruction – to be happy, and it does not matter whether it’s Monday, Wednesday or Sunday. You deserve to feel happy with the people around you, if you don’t have this feeling, don’t be afraid to redefine circumstances or restart.

Determine what happiness means to you. Is it a desire to succeed? Is it connected with freedom in thoughts and actions? Does happiness imply spending time with your friends and relatives? Is it about discovering the world? Does it mean to always stay yourself and accept that you’re a human and can make mistakes? It doesn’t matter what it is if it makes you happy. Don’t wait for the right moment to come, make every moment right and special.

Moreover, always meet every day in a good mood. For this, get inspired by happy Monday quotes, motivational words, which help you to tune into the right wavelength and to make the day productive.

All in all, the world is as good or wrong as you imagine it. So, if you are always in a good mood, share positive vibes, give a friendly grin to people, always give yourself honest promises and hold them, then Monday won’t be a difficult day for you, but on the contrary, it’ll be a start for new achievements!

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