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A Complete Guide to The Latest Office Trends

As the digital landscape evolves, every industry, must evolve and adapt to the changes regularly. Similarly, the office supplies industry has been equally affected by these changes and some major steps have been adopted by them for increasing their chances for survival in the industry. People look for smart gadgets to reduce their time wastage and increase their productivity. To help them achieve their target as soon as possible, Blue Dog Ink is a one-stop-shop that provides a variety of printing solutions for buyers. This article provides insight into the rapid changes happening within the office industry and the steps taken to tackle them:-

1 Increased Preference for eco-friendly supplies

This is a major trend observed among the population to save the environment. This compels the business buyers to opt for eco-friendly supplies for supporting the cause and prevent any backlash by the mass population. Going green is the new approach for purchasing products that are either eco-friendly or made from recyclable material. People aim to reduce the wastage at the same time looking for an alternative that causes the least harm to the environment with high durability.

2 Multi-channelling promotion via digital platforms

Due to the lack of time, consumers consistently look for easy options for purchasing the goods they required. Also, they spend a significant amount of time in their smart-phones and laptops with all-time WiFi access. Due to this people prefer an app to buy their products conveniently rather than going to store physically. This gives them the benefit of cutting down upon their resources and their time. As a result of several office suppliers also try to promote their brand digitally using the sponsorship on the famous platform such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube and some prefer blog posts as well.

3 Smart vending

Any company offering physical products requires the vending of the product. The smart vending is the concept of introducing every merchandise the employee requires without the slightest delay. The purpose is to reduce the time wastage and increasing the productivity of an employee within the office. It has also helped in resolving the problems by easy tracking of products, their good’s delivery, and assist in Customer support as well. Keeping a close eye on the changes happening within the industry, soon we will see the involvement of AI in this industry to make it more effective and multi-tasking. The introduction of AI is going to be impactful and game-changing in the production and distribution channel. The office supplies industry is likely to change in the coming decade significantly in a positive way.

4 Acknowledging consumer demands

The Business buying companies rather than involving several companies for multiple-purposes prefer an Omni-Supplier Channel to cater to all the demands. This way they reduce the hassle to deal with multiple suppliers and save their time. These business buyers now connect with corporate buyers (B2B) instead of a typical consumer website. To overcome this issue the office supplies sellers either have opened their e-portals or combined themselves with an e-commerce website to increase their business.

5 Fall in the old traditional goods

With an increase in digitalization, the demand in some traditional office supplies such as Fax machine and related material, papers and files are observed to be decreased. The usage of smart devices has ceased the demand for papers. Data has been stored digitally for easy access in a compact manner. Also, the drives to Go Green affected the industry to deal with the eco-friendly supplies to keep the environment safe, which has impacted the demand for paper considerably.

6 Competitive cost-effectivity

As the competition increases the cost of a product is decreased. The consumers like to deal with the manufacturers, big stores for beneficial discounts and online retailers offer for cost-effectivity. These stores act as a major threat to traditional office suppliers.

It is significant to keep these consistently changing office trends in mind and derive a strategy to overcome the competitor’s and using the digitalization in your favor.

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