Top 10 Myths Related to Cloud Computing and Discovering the Truth!

If you take a look at cloud computing today, you will find that it is increasing with every passing day. The cloud is used for data storage or the day-to-day business operations. It is simple for the cloud to be seen by some business owners as the panacea to resolve their IT lapses, while for others, it is a constant tool for growth and development.

IT and cloud experts say that before you take the cloud, check the credentials of the service provider. A cloud service provider does not mean that you will get top-notch performance. The following are ten misconceptions when it comes to embracing cloud technology for your business operations:

1 Your present IT framework will work similarly on the cloud!

This is not true. You will find that your system needs servers that must be set up physically or on a cloud location. Remember that when you are operating in the cloud, these servers are shared, and the admin needs its execution from a single platform. You do not have any control over the performance on the cloud.

2 You can work with large sets of data in the same way!

False. You might not get the same speed that you need for the operation of your online server. So, check the speed rates when your data is stored in the cloud. Talk to experts as they will be able to guide you.

3 Seamless support of applications!

False. For you to make your applications work on the cloud, move its supporting elements to the cloud as well. If you can do this, you will find all your apps working seamlessly. Your shift to the cloud is indeed helpful however if you do not move all the supporting features of the application to the cloud, there will be hindrances in its performance and function.

4 You can keep your data both in the cloud and physical servers

Depends. Take time to see the benefits of the cloud over physical servers or better still it is crucial for you to blend both with your organizational needs. Once you are accustomed, you can make the gradual transition to the cloud.

5 You have to virtualize all your servers for success in the cloud

False. The success of the operations, says cloud services NYC depends upon how you virtualize your physical server. The performance of the cloud will depend upon the way the server works along with your automated IT set-up.

6 You need to create your cloud space to stop hackers

False. Keeping your data in the cloud makes it very secure. The engineers that protect the cloud can identify the issue and fix the lapses faster quickly. This means that you do not have to create your cloud. They will increase the levels of safety and security as your needs grow.

7 The cloud will help I reduce IT costs

True but at the same time you must be careful. The cloud does save money however if you wish to reduce IT costs, do not fall for very cheap rates. This will compromise the quality of your service. It is crucial for you to focus on your budget but you must choose a cloud computing service that is affordable and competitive in the market. Do not focus on the price alone. You need to ensure that you get good service at a price that gives you value for money.

8 Being on the cloud means you can give employees apps for better productivity on their smartphones

False. Several factors determine whether your app will work on a shared connection. You need to check whether your app will work without network connectivity or not. You can embrace the best practice by blending both offline and local data.

9 You can change from one cloud provider to another

False. The cloud company will wish to lock you in as a customer for some time. This means you will have contracts that are long-term or contracts that have high fees for termination. If you are not with a reputed service provider, you might face problems. This is why you should read the fine print and get second opinions always.

10 The service provider of cloud computing services spies on your activity

False. This is one of the biggest misconceptions that people have. The cloud service provider will always be private and secure for you to use.

Therefore, before you are choosing the right service provider for the cloud, consider the above factors. You will be able to make the right choice. Talk to specialists before you hire them for your IT needs and ensure you get value for money too!

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Sujain Thomas is an IT developer and blogger with, and she says that you must be aware of cloud computing for your business needs thoroughly before you sign up for their services.

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