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Best 7 Low Budget Tricks to Make Your Home Look Expensive

Ever visited someone’s home and thought to yourself that just how did the person make his house look so ostentatious and extravagant? Even though the person is not even remotely a millionaire?  If you are on a constricted budget, then it might be difficult to obtain a luxuriously decorated house. However, don’t think for a second that it’s impossible! Luckily, making your home look expensive is easier than it seems. With these simple hacks, you can trick your guests into believing that your home truly is high-ended and straight out of a luxurious magazine. Here are seven low budget ways to incorporate fanciness into your humble abode without looking cheap.

1 Crown Molding

The first trick to decorating your home look expensive lies in the process of details, and in this instance, crown molding is the key. Adding crown molding into your home can give it a more refined and finished appearance. It bridges the gap between the walls and the ceiling, hence giving your home a more traditional and graceful appearance. Fortunately, this hack is relatively inexpensive and works on almost all budgets.

2 Paint

Another surefire way to turn your home into looking high-end is through using color. However, it is a difficult decision as the remaining decoration will also be centered on the color palette. If you are unable to choose a color, then it is better to decide on classic neutral colors. They tend to look fresh and also pair well with everything. If neutral colors aren’t your thing, then you can select deep, bold colors that pack a punch of elegance. Such colors are likely to give off a luxurious vibe and add instant stylishness to your home.

3 Minimizing

If you’re under the impression that adding more things to your home will look more expensive than you’re badly mistaken. It is, in fact, the opposite, which holds. Instead of holding onto stuff in your home and attracting dust, try to de-clutter it and bring out space. Also, minimizing will help to give your items some breathing space and a chance to stand out.

4 Large-Scale Art

Another way to make a big impact is to spend your money on large abstract paintings. Hanging a large art piece on your wall creates a focal point that boosts the classy factor of your home and makes it look like you spent a lot of money. These artworks loom over the area and grab everyone’s attention in a good way. Therefore keep your eyes open for any large-scale affordable painting that suits your tastes.

5 Lighting

Lighting also plays a vital role in boosting up the elegance of any home. Instead of using standard light fixtures, try and go for a designer light fixture, which will contribute to an expensive feeling. Or you could also go for a DIY approach and get a unique piece at an affordable price. As for the natural light, open up your windows and let the light add dimension to your place.

6 Fresh Flowers

Adding flowers to a room can instantly lift its appearance and can give it a unique and graceful composition. They breathe life and augment a burst of different colors. Therefore, try to add a bouquet of deep-colored flowers on a coffee or dinner table. Also, ensure that your flower display is not flimsy; otherwise, it will be considered cheap.

7 Wooden Flooring

Most homes use warm carpeting on their floors; however, soft carpets cannot be compared to fancy shining hardwood floors in terms of elegance. Replacing carpet with hardwood tends to make space look bigger and also provides an updated and modern look. Also, purchasing hardwood will be an investment through a wise one as it lasts a long time, gives a luxurious appearance, and is also easy to clean.

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