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6 Ways on How to Achieve Your Blog Writing Goals in a Year

A good number of graduates and parents have turned to freelance writing and blogging as a means of raising income and growing their careers. In fact, some of them have grown and are now offering writing jobs to many college students and other unemployed adults.  Well, remote working especially blogging has great potential and benefits if done right.  Below, I have explored six ways on how you can attain your blogging goals in just one year.

1 Use professional paper writing services

Online paper writing assistance has been in the market since 2000. The business has been growing and expanding in the recent years. At the moment, you can request writing assistance with your research articles, academic papers, guest pots, stories, poems and reviews among many other tasks that require specialized writing skills. Usually, as a blogger, there are a lot of things that you are required to do. You will need to keep building your site, connect with your audience, market your blog as well as write and review your posts. Practically, it is challenging to accomplish all these things on your own and at the same time achieve beneficial results. Therefore, it is important to hire a professional essay writer that will help you with all your writing, editing and formatting tasks. This will give you time to execute other responsibilities that are central in expanding your business.

Every writer from custom writing companies is well trained to generate specific articles that you may require at any given time. You will just need to send them your particular instructions and pay some money to get your articles written expertly.

2 Utilize WordPress Editing Tools and Services

Starting your blog can be a terrifying experience particularly if you’re not a geek. It can even be worse if you know how to start a WordPress blog, but you have no idea how to progress. Regardless of where you’re now, it is essential to start learning how to use WordPress editors to enhance your blogging business. First of all, start by making a list of the applications and services that are being used by different bloggers around the globe, and then sample out the one that you feel will be the most useful to your work. Here are some of the WordPress editing tools that you can try using and see how they can influence your freelance work:

  • WordPress App
  • iA Writer
  • Ulysses
  • Desk
  • VaultPress
  • Sucuri
  • Google analytics
  • Yoast SEO

Of course, they are more than fifty applications and services that can be useful in blog writing, but you need to have about five that will suit your writing needs.

3 Avoid Taking Hid to Negative Talk

It is possible that you might have encountered this notorious statistic that reports: “Approximately 90% of blogs fail in three months.” Personally, I have always chosen to overlook this statement and focused on what I think is important to me. From the word go, set your goals right. Understand what you want after a given period. Most importantly avoid negative self-talk from people who have never tried blogging or writing. Stay alert for pieces of advice that can prepare you for real-time challenges in your working line. Remember, taking hid to statistics that suggest you’re likely to fail which will even prevent you from trying to initiate your next plan.

4 Do not Overcommit

Let’s say you’re planning to start learning and playing chess. If you make a resolution to play against a master or a grandmaster today, then be sure that you have prepared yourself for discouragement and failure. Committing too much at the beginning will hurt you. It is hard to start blogging today and have a thousand subscribers tomorrow. Blog writing is like a journey with its unavoidable twists and turns. Plan to begin today, and think of growing and expanding your operations with time. I have always learned that consistency and persistence are more important than frequency. Start building your blog through:

  • Aiming at a single post every week in the beginning.
  • Discovering your method for designing a blog post and making it a habit.

Always remember to start by setting small goals that will be easy to attain. This will help jumpstart you to bigger goals and greater success.

5 Have Simpler and Fewer Goals that Will Lead to Grant a Goal

If I’m planning to run a half-marathon in a day, I will start off by training for one mile a day as I increase my coverage day by day. Studies indicate that as human beings we always have limited power at our disposal. We can only attain so much before it dwindles and we start backsliding. Therefore, if you set many involving blogging goals to achieve at one time, you’ll be exhausted and possibly fail after a short time. Sometimes, the goals we set for ourselves can be big enough, and they may contain several benchmark goals which can’t be realized concurrently. Ensure that you execute one goal to completion before you embark on a new one.

6 Put Something that You Value in Line for the Sake of Your Goals

To attain good results, you must have a strong motivator that will always drive you towards your objectives. It can be the desire to hit a million subscribers or becoming a renowned blogger by the end of this year. Simply identify that driving force and let it help and guide you towards your success.

Finally, understand that there is no single approach to succeeding in the blogging industry. You will need to combine a range of methods and techniques, as well as shape your habits to align with your specific goals. Learn from other successful writers and bloggers and try to apply their secrets in your work. Above all, remember that you always need to be creative and dynamic to attain the most in what you will be doing.

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