8 Fantastic English Attractions You Need to See

Culture, history, breathtaking countryside, fantastic attractions and a glorious coastline – England is a country that’s got it all. And with so much to see and do, whether you’re looking for a relaxing countryside or beach break, a fun-filled adventure stip, or a culture and history-filled tour, you’ll be completely spoiled for choice when it comes to exploring this small but very densely-packed country when it comes to things to see and do. We’ve put together some of the best English attractions that you can’t miss.

1 Tower of London

If you’re starting your trip in the capital, then be sure to check out the Tower of London. Once a royal palace and an infamous prison, this stunning castle is now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the most popular attractions in the city. IT’s home to the iconic British Beefeaters and the iconic Crown Jewels, plus over one thousand years’ worth of interesting history.

2 The Eden Project

The Eden Project isn’t just scientifically significant; it’s also a great day out. This eco-park is home to the largest indoor rainforest the world over. The iconic, instantly-recognisable tropical biomes house spectacular global gardens that are bursting with tons of different smells, sights and textures.

3 Durdle Door

If you’re looking to experience some of England’s beaches, then head to the awesome Jurassic Coast in Dorset, where you’ll find Durdle Door. This ancient limestone arch juts out into the sea, and the adjoining beach features inviting waters and a peaceful secluded cove that’s perfect for taking in the sights.

4 Stonehenge

Stonehenge is one of the most well-known prehistoric monuments in all of Europe, and one of the ancient wonders of the world – so it’s definitely worth paying it a visit if you’re in England. The sheer amount of mystery surrounding this ancient structure makes it a very exciting place to visit, and nothing quite matches up to the excitement of seeing the grand stone circle in person. To make sure that you get the best from your experience, book a guided Stonehenge tour.

5 Lake District National Park

If it’s the English countryside that you’re hoping to discover, then you can’t go wrong with the Lake District National Park. Stretching out over a huge nine hundred square miles, this National Park located in Northwest England is famous for its stunning lakes and tarns, rugged fell mountains, and gorgeous scenery. Bring your hiking boots – on foot is definitely the best way to explore the area’s natural beauty.

6 Roman Baths

Located in the heart of the elegant English city of Bath, you’ll find the Roman Baths. These unbelievably well-preserved remains of one of the ancient world’s greatest religious spas are located on the city’s thermal springs and still flow with natural hot water. Sadly you can’t take a dip as the water quality is no longer that great, but there are plenty of activities to take part in including Roman history experiences, escape rooms and more.

7 Hadrian’s Wall

The most famous of all the Roman empire’s frontiers, Hadrian’s Wall was built in AD 122 and stretches for seventy-three miles along Northern England. Originally, the wall was built to separate the barbarians from the Romans. But today, anybody is welcome; it’s a popular tourist attraction as a unique monument surrounded by stunning landscapes.

8 Tate Modern

Finally, art fans can’t miss out on Tate Modern, home to one of the best collections of international contemporary art. Groundbreaking installations and a constantly changing exhibition programme housed in a stunning building mean it’s a must-see when you visit the capital.

With so much to see and do, a visit to England holds something for everyone. Which attraction will you visit first?

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