What Are You Really Buying Into When You Buy Testosterone?

If you can believe what one testosterone-selling website aimed at bodybuilders claims, as many as 6 million men are illegally using anabolic steroids solely as physical performance enhancers. It is a claim that medically licensed hormone replacement specialists find to be doubly alarming because if true, it illustrates that the illegal use of testosterone is on the rise, and it also demonstrates that everyone has not gotten the message that its consumption outside of medicine is loaded with risks.

So what are you really buying into when you buy testosterone illegally online or, as the same website suggests, from your neighborhood “gym dealer”? Is it as risk-free and simple as thousands of non-medical websites, most of which have extensive disclaimers absolving them from any responsibility tucked away where very few people read them, claim that it is?

Your common “horse sense” would tell you that buying and using products classified as drugs through such an uncontrolled and shadowy venue is fraught with both obvious and hidden risks. They can all be avoided merely by obtaining human grade testosterone in the only advisable way, which is by presenting your valid prescription to either a conventional or online pharmacy to purchase it.

When you buy testosterone the proper way, you free yourself from having to worry about receiving under-dosed, contaminated or blatantly counterfeited products; from having your credit card or bank information hacked; and from putting something dangerous directly into your body. How can anyone justify willingly exposing themselves to those kinds of risks goes beyond reasonable comprehension?

Testosterone Pills, Patches, Pellets, Potions, and Injections

 While professionally familiar with the various forms that testosterone is medically dispensed in (and illegally sold as), doctors at Kingsberg Medical primarily prescribe the injectable form for our patients who have been diagnosed as male hormone deficient. Not only does it generally represent a more affordable treatment cost option, but it is also found to be the more convenient form of treatment by many adults. Here you can find therapy cost in Kingsberg Medical, but notice that you can get testosterone only in case it has been prescribed for you by our doctors as well as by other doctors.

However, options exist for a reason; some patients would prefer using the gel form, having the time-release pellets inserted, or using a patch. Any delivery system should be discussed by patients and their prescribing physicians in advance of receiving a prescription for it to ensure that patients understand what possible side effects could occur or special handling that will be required.

Those steroid websites that are pushing testosterone pills tend to say nothing about its strong potential for causing liver damage; they are too busy filling their cluttered web pages with ads saying you can buy testosterone with no consultation or set-up fees (this must refer to the blood testing that doctors properly have performed) required.

Would you allow any doctor to prescribe you potent drugs as treatment for a medical condition that you have not even been tested for? How would you react if your doctor encouraged you to buy and use animal-grade drugs (sometimes called underground grade) on the black market? ‘Think carefully before you purchase’ is always sound wise advice, and this applies to when you are going to be purchasing testosterone.

Don’t Buy or Use Any Testosterone without a Prescription

Understanding that the prescription form and those self-described non-prescription forms of testosterone are entirely different things is essential for anyone who is planning to buy testosterone. Buying any controlled substance, which authentic testosterone is, from a reputable pharmacy that requires a prescription ensures you of its purity, which is extremely critical to its safe use. In buying any drug on the black market, you forfeit that assurance and expose yourself to substances that will either be ineffective or of highly dubious origin and quality.

Even beyond that, using an anabolic steroid that has not been specifically prescribed for you after careful testing of your testosterone levels is medically imprudent, especially since the whole process for getting treatment legally has become so streamlined by digital technology.

Many patients are utilizing the Internet not only to buy testosterone treatments, but also to submit their medical exam data and health histories to hormone replacement doctors who can order and review their patients’ blood testing (testing that is conveniently performed in the patient’s local area) and then advise them on whether treatment is recommended. When it is, they can prescribe for patients who can then legally and confidently purchase their treatment products online.

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