Top 10 Unusual Golf Products for Only Winners

If you are a golf aficionado, you will surely want to stand out from the other players when you are out on the golf course. Here are ten cool and unusual golf products you might want to grab the next time you go shopping.

10 Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer

This device can track club head speed, hand path, swing plane, backswing position, tempo, hip rotation, and so much more. This yellow sensor is attached to the glove you wear. You can get lots of fun numbers and statistics which can help you improve your game.

9 The Cleat Ripper

The Cleat Ripper is a special tool which can help get rid of old spikes if you want to replace them. If you have ever experienced using a spike wrench for removing old cleats, you know how difficult it is, similar to loosening a rusted nut from a bolt.

8 Precision Gloves

These custom-made golf gloves are not like anything you have seen before. There is a hand scanner which produces as much as 45 geometric data points from the surface area of the hand of the user. This can also measure the width, girth, and length of the fingers and palm.

7 Drizzle Stik Flex Golf Club Umbrella

When there are a few drops of rain during your game, you don’t have to stop your game because there is this special umbrella that can keep your gear and clubs dry.

6 Copper Tech Glove

Another durable golf glove which boasts of a great grip and at the same time, soothes joint and muscle pain while you play.

5 Grassroots Par Three Putting Green Mat

You can now have your very own roll-out mat whether in the living room or basement for family entertainment when playing outside is impossible.

4 GameBook App

You can get real-time tournament scoring system on a handheld device to help you know where you stand exactly.

3 Golf Ball Pickup

If you are tired of having to bend every time you have to pick up your golf balls, then, the answer to your worries is finally here. This is a very cheap and neat golf ball pickup tool that can surely make your life much easier.

2 Shoe and Golf Club Cleaner

No one wants to have a bag filled with mud-covered shoe spikes and dirty clubs. You can now have your spikes and clubs pristine and clean with the help of this special tool. This cleaner comes with nylon bristles to clean woods, the brass bristles to clean hybrids and irons, and spike to clean those golf shoes.

1 TGA Golf Clubs

This equipment from TGA has been designed with special technology which can make it easier for both junior and beginning golfers to excel. As a golf fanatic, you can now get started with this tool. It is a great gift for yourself and even for your fellow golfers.

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