Top 10 Most Popular Athletes in The World

There are perfect athletes in our world who have great achievements in the field of sport.Here are the most popular athletes in the world.

1 Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal – Soccer

He is a portuguese footballer, who plays as a forward for Spanish Real Madrid.He is also the captain of the Portuguese National Team.He is fast,,tricky,strong skillful winger,and striker.He has the ability to beat defenders off the dribble and across the ball.With his feet and head he is capable of scoring goals.He is also a kick taker.


2 Lionel Messi, Argentina – Soccer

Time Magazine called him King Leo.He is the most talented footballer in history.He has an infinite number of football skills.You can imagine him as a dynamo scoring machine,he never stops scoring goals. He has won the Ballon d’Or.His team won the Champions’ League, European Super Cup, Club World Cup, La Liga, Copa del Rey,and Spanish Super Cup.He is now the captain of his team.


3 Usain Bolt, Jamaica – Sprinter

He is called “Lightning Bolt”,because of his great achievments.He is one of the most known athletes around the world.He is regarded as the fastest sprinter ever known in the world.He is the first person who hold the 100 meters and the 200 meters world records.He is the first man to win six gold medals.He has achieved s”double double”by scoring a 100 meter and a 200 meter titles.


4 David Beckham, England – Soccer

He is called the free kick magician English footballer. He is considered the most known footballer in the history of football. He has played for great football teams such as: Manchester United, Preston North End, Real Madrid, Milan, Los Angeles Galaxy and the England national team. He has been the captain of England for 59 times.


5 Kobe Bryant USA – Basketball

He is called the “Black Mamba”. He is a defender in the National Basketball Association. He has the ability to take control of late game situations. He has won five championships, and has gotten the MTV Award.


6 Roger Federer, Swidden -Tennis

He is one of the most popular tennis players. He is a professional at playing tennis. He has won a record 17 grand slams. He has captured his first title of Roland Garos title in 2009.He is considered the most dominant clay court player in the tournament. He is regarded as the only male tennis player who won the finals of each grand slam.


7 Blake Griffin, USA – Basketball

He is the American basketball player for the National Basketball Association and Los Angeles Clippers. He has a lot of skills, as he is athletic and electric. He is one of the popular sportsmen in America.


8 Novak Djokovic, Serbia – Tennis

He is considered the most professional tennis player. He has won the NO.1 player by the Association Of Tennis Professionals. He is known as the greatest tennis player in the world.


9 Rory McIlroy, Northern Ireland – Golf

He has won the first major at the age of 22 at the U.S Open in 2011.He has won three different majors. He has represented England, Ireland, and Great Britain.


10 Sachin Tendulkar, India- Cricket

He is one of the most popular sportsmen in the world. He is called “God of Cricket” in India. He is considered one of the greatest batsmen all the time. He still ranks among the top sporters in the world, at the age of 39.

Sachin Tendulkar reacts after scoring his hundred century during the one day international Asia Cup cricket match between India and Bangladesh

So, there are in our world great athletes who deserve our appreciation.

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