Top 10 Simple Motivational Routines That Actually Work

Life is a cycle of boredom and routine, that’s why we tend to change the course of the inevitable tedium that has swarmed over our lives. Of course, you do want to buckle under the stress of being a regular loner that has no life. Aside from going to work, and trying to loosen your tie that makes you feel like you’re suffocating, you need to bug out. Thus, you should try some cutting edge, motivational moves to have a better lifestyle.

Here are top ten simple motivational routines that actually work.

10 Wake up early 
Despite the fact that waking up in the morning is a task that you carry out every day, it is not as easy as it seems, especially in the winter. Who would leave their bed in the cold weather and give up on being snug as a bug in a rug to face the cruel snowy world? Yes, we know it may get difficult, but waking up early in the morning is more interesting than you ever thought. As waking up early renders you productive; you are able to start your day from the very beginning alongside being able to enjoy the sunshine that provides you with vitamin D.

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9 Have Healthy Breakfast 
If you want to be jolly, you have to look healthy, and if you want to look healthy, you have to eat healthy food. As we all acknowledge that the food that we eat affects our body as well as our mood. So yes, having fruit and vegetables and drinking tons of water lifts up the spirit.

breakfast Top 10 Simple Motivational Routines That Actually Work - 3 motivational routines

8 Have enough sleep 
In order to wake up the next day and have smile drawn on your face, you have to get enough sleep. How do you expect to work your heart out and be productive when you do not give your body the amount of rest it covets. Moreover, sleeping in a good environment; we mean without lights or noises and on a relaxing mattress that absorbs all the stress, anxiety and negative energy, changes the state that you wake up on. Not to mention that you have to study and stay in any room that is not your bedroom, and remember to only approach your bed at your bedtime since you need to convince your brain that your bed is the sanctuary you resort to when you are looking forward to relaxing and having some break and rest.

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7 Enjoy your time at work 
We know that the idea of going to your workplace is far from going to the amusement park on the weekend; it is no fun. But how about rummaging for new ways to try to have fun at the place where you sit for solid 8 hours? Try to make friends at work even though we know it is not a piece of cake to make friends with colleagues and workmates, but trying to establish a strong connection or a bond with other people will not harm anyone. On the contrary, you will come across a sweet, friendly being who is trying to make friends with the gorillas in the jungle.

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6 Keep a distance from social media 
Social media is the entity that spreads false rumours and stories; everybody wants to come across as a celebrity. People tend to share and promote false images and connotations about their lifestyle. They put on tons of makeup and pretend that they have just “woken up like this” while you think you were drooling while asleep. They also upload pictures with their squad painting the town red and having a whale of a time, while they’re actually sitting with some acquaintances with their eyes fixed on their 5-inch screens, scrolling down through their newsfeed. But, you will not get the full picture because you think they are having fun and you are there sitting like a couch potato, watching TV and devouring a half-eaten cheeseburger sandwich. Always bear in mind that the social media is a world made up of threads of false stories and online users who want to promote an image they wish people have perceived of them.

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5 Keep your privacy 
It is understandable how happy you can get when you receive good news or when your crush responds back to your messages with heart emojis; you just want to throw a party and grab and microphone and tell everybody you know about it. However, hold your horses, cowboy/girl, keep some stories to yourself. Sometimes we just need to enjoy the company of ourselves! The stories to you keep to yourself establish an internal bond. We get how it is important to establish a bond with people, but how about the one you establish with yourself?! Moreover, people enjoy having gossip circles and your stories and news may not be able to escape the chit-chats. We know how things get stressful when you feel that your life is becoming more like an open book for everyone!
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4 Be productive 
As we mentioned before, waking up is essential for leading a healthy lifestyle and it also allows you to collect yourself, have enough time to think about your goals and set your eyes on the prize. These are the steps that lead you to be productive. Imagine a day when you woke up early, went to work early, then spend quality time with your family, went out with your friends, did some sports and could give time to your hobbies. What a busy day! Being busy, having a social life and time for yourself are goals in their  core.
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3  Take a break and relax 
Do you remember when we said ‘be productive’? Well, do not forget to take some rest. As Rag n Bone said: ‘You’re only human after all’, so do not put the blame on yourself if you felt drained and worn out after some serious work. Your body needs some rest, so it can work well back again. Do not wait for the point at which you are nearly on the verge of having a breakdown. You can watch a good movie, read a book or just lie down and do nothing. Remember you’re only human; you’re not superman!
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2 Celebrate the small pleasures 
You cannot notch up a glorious victory every day! Yeah, that is life; it is a roller coaster that is made up of ups and downs. However, because life cannot get all dark, we can’t let small pleasures slip away. All we need to do is to seize the moments, capture them and feel them with all our senses. Stay alert for people’s smiles and pleasant compliments since such kicks may lift our spirit so we have to choke off whatever deteriorate our self-esteem. Capture pictures of such gracious moments and keep them for the time when life turns its other cheek.
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1 Eat a frog 
Do not take it literally unless you love to have frogs for breakfast! Anyways, Mark Twain once said, “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” Eating a frog implies doing difficult tasks that you lose interest in. This way you will finish the hard, dull work and be able to enjoy the rest of your bright and sunny day.

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Tell us about your daily routine and if you would like to follow any of these pieces of advice.

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