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Top 10 Ways to Be Your Cat’s Best Human Ever

Want to make sure your best feline friend enjoys only the best health and happiness? Whether you’re adopting a new kitten or giving a rescue cat a loving forever home, here are the ten important things that most kitties will appreciate from their human.

1 Playtime

Cats need to blow off steam, so keep them entertained with toy mice, teaser toys, and laser pointers. Once your kitty’s been spayed or neutered, consider letting them outside to play.

2 Clean Toilet

A clean place to do her ‘business’ is one of the most important things your kitty wants in her new home. Choose absorbent cat litter and use litter tray liners to make it easier to change regularly.

3 Grooming

Cats tend to groom themselves meticulously, but many will appreciate a helping hand. This is especially true for long-haired cats since their fur is more prone to matting.

4 Freedom

Cats feel safe when they’re allowed to roam freely around the house and come and go as they please. For outdoor cats, having a cat flap installed is the best way to allow as much independence as possible. When it comes to petting, give your cat the freedom to choose and don’t force your affection on a cat that isn’t in the mood.

5 Fresh Water

Make sure that your cat always has access to clean, fresh water. Cats are lactose intolerant, so don’t give your kitty milk or cream.

6 Healthy Diet

Good quality cat food is a must to keep your kitty in the best health. Look for a mixture of wet and dry food that contains meat as the primary ingredient, rather than by-products. Check that it is free of grains, soy, and fillers. Treats in moderation are fine but be extra careful if your cat has a tendency to put on weight. Check out the great options from Pets on the Park.

7 Comfy Sleep Spots

Cats can sleep anywhere from around fifteen to twenty hours per day, so plenty of comfy spaces around the home to curl up are always appreciated. Baskets, beds, and blankets are favorite spots, and some kitties love to cuddle up and sleep in a warm lap.

8 Scratch the Itches

Although cats are ridiculously flexible, some spots are difficult for them to reach. Get a couple of scratching posts for your home; they should be heavy and tall enough to stay upright when your cat stretches out at full length.

9 Companionship

Many cats will be even happier with a friend, whether it’s another cat or a dog. Fostering rescue pets until you find the perfect companion for your cat is a great idea. Bear in mind that some cats do prefer being on their own.

10 Regular Check-ups

Although they might not be the happiest at the vets, your cat’s health will certainly benefit from getting regular check-ups. Make sure that they’re kept up-to-date with yearly boosters and administer worming and flea treatment to schedule. Additionally, consider getting cat health insurance, as it’s great for administering all of the expenses that come with yearly checkups, and in case of any emergency, you can concentrate on your pet rather than the vet bills

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