Top 10 Procrastination Routines That Hinder Your Progress

Your mind, as well as your spirit, shapes your life; you either have a jewel of a life or dig up a hole and bury yourself. Due to some unfortunate facts, some people give up on life and let themselves get carried away by some fierce wind as opposed to their pale personalities and wills. You look back on your life with immense regret, thinking about your life purpose and the reason behind your pointless existence. However, you have the means that can turn your life upside down and send you into a frenzy at the tip your fingers. Whenever you give up on your monotonous routine, call the shots and buckle down; you will be able to view the bright side of life where you can breathe and feel the sunshine.

Here are the top 10 stupid procrastination routines that stop you from bringing the best of you.

10 You never see the light  
Go out and see the world. Experience what is there. Take adventures and take the risk; it does not matter whether the end will be satisfying or unpleasant. What usually occurs within our soul is the rise of fear and the stirring anxiety that hinder us from clearing away the mist that hampers our effort at leading a healthy life. Thus, try to put yourself out for the sake of living and loosing up a bit, and it will make a difference.

9 You surround yourself with toxic people 
Why do we stay with people who make our lives miserable? Sometimes you get too scared to cut toxic people out of your life. Several articles have tackled the issue, but some may not have referred to the fact that some people just rely on us for a living and some people battle with mental issues, and we do not set them under the category of toxic acquaintances. What we mean by toxic people and relationships those who voluntarily enjoy torturing us. They take rejoice in seeing you bent out of shape. There is no reason behind the prattle, except for you being the subject of their imprudence.

8 You waste your time 
Being productive is one of the main elements to lead a prosperous life, so when you stay past your bedtime overthinking about your acts throughout the day. However, if your day isn’t busy enough, you cannot recall any triumph notched up. That is the point at which you reconsider your existence and life purpose. So, let’s look back on your acts throughout the day aside from staying in bed and going to work and observe what you did throughout it. If you have nothing to look back on with immense pride, you’re not doing it right. Life is similar to a book with so much hidden within the pages so life needs to get explored. Thus, open that book and enjoy reading it and elicit its gems.

7 Social media, the reason behind boredom 
Social media has brought a bright aura to our lives; you can check out tutorials on everything, ranging from makeup to knitting, from gardening to sewing and from decorating your room to creating DIY gifts. Google has the answers to your paradoxical questions, Instagram embraces your photographed memories, and Facebook keeps you in touch with, let’s say, everyone. However, there is always this dark power that disperses your self-esteem and chips away at your well-being. We observe life through a five-inch screen and mistake the virtual life for the real one. We try to catch on and come across as popular beings, but our only way is to count the number of the virtual friends who like our pictures and posts.

6 You compare yourself to others 
Comparing your lives to those of other people’s is inevitable; we have no control over such drive that makes us stalk coworkers and people with whom we are not even acquaintances. Put the blame on human nature’s door, but we have to take an action and call the shots to end such misery. You are not miserable because you are perching on your stool reading a novel and drinking hot cocoa in a dimly-lit living room as long as you’re enjoying your life. Moreover, your coworker is not more fortunate because he is sipping some beer at a dance club if he is not enjoying the company. Dedicate time to your hobbies even if they not favoured by your peers as long as you are doing them at your discretion.

5 Apathy overwhelms you 
Our passion for certain entities sustains our interest in life. There are simple elements that make us want to sustain life like hobbies such as playing football, doing ballet, drawing, composing music, reading even watching movies or favourite shows. When you start to work and live as a machine, without interests or passion; tedium and apathy chip away at your heart till they render you soulless and pale. You do not await anything to happen and all days seem similar and familiar. Do not give up on yourself and your passion, do not let boredom prey upon you.

4 You sleep too much 
We know Facebook users idolise a lifestyle where sleeping and eating are at the centre. However, would you let your life slip away out of your hand and let yourself turn into a panda or a koala? Sleeping is just a means you resort to when you need some rest, so you give your body the rest coveted so you can be as productive as you can for the following day. As a matter of fact, a day has 24 hours; how would you give up on half of your day sleeping and doing nothing? Wake up and never let your day slip away out of your hands.

Girl sleeping on a clock showing midnight (or noon).
3 You never move those muscles 
Being a couch potato is sometimes relaxing; you do not exert much effort and your sweat, blood and tears are not wasted. However, goofing off swells apathy, which allows negativity consume your soul. Apparently, your muscles need some stirring movements. Moreover, you need to stretch every five minutes.

2 You hearken to rumours 
Do not spoil your life with baseless and malicious rumours. Wasting time on partaking in gossip circles makes you despise yourself as you feel you have no life so you indulge yourself in prattles and back-fence talks. Such babble gets you in a fluster; you think about other people’s lives and you forget to look into your own, so stop stalking people and knuckle down if you want to notch up some conspicuous success.

1 You smoke and drink 
Some people have associated getting wasted with some sources of fun, which is untrue. Smoking and drinking get you strung out and plastered till you lose your senses and feel spaced out. Of course, spending your night boozed up takes your consciousness away and renders you unfocused. You wake up the other to head to work and buckle down, but the effect of the alcohol and weed barely peters out so as your potency that goes downhill as a result.

No one is able of changing your life except for you. The answer is to hold on to your passion and let go of apathy and strain. Finally, tell us what motto makes you sustain life in the comment section down below.

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